10 Handy & Trendy Ideas to Remodel Home Interior Using Custom Cut Glass

Published On April 30, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

Other than the bathroom, have you ever thought that customized glass can be used anywhere else in your house? Not many people have but you will be surprised at what custom cut pieces can do to change the look of interior space without spending a fortune. Some of the places to use glass for a trendy touch to your home interiors are the living area and hallway. Imagine what an elegant painting would do to lighten up the plan length of a house corridor. Glass is just as handy! Some creative places to hang glass cuts so as to impress your family members and your guests are along stairways, walls next to a garden as well as on the outside porch.

It does not matter where you choose to hang customized glass around your house because that is dictated by preference but the secret to making custom cut glass to stand out as a decoration is to position it strategically and matching with blending accessories. An interesting tip about customizing glass is that they glow in light whether natural or artificial. The more glass pieces of varying sizes and shapes that you use the better but care should be taken for the pieces not to compete against each other but instead complement uniqueness of each.

The following are handy and trendy ideas to keep in mind when remodeling interior spaces in your home;

1.Glass backsplash at the kitchen sink

Every kitchen has hard tiles on the sink area but how about a touch of glass backsplash where you can see a reflection of your sink and especially when it is sparkling clean. Although quite a new trend in the home interiors space, glass backsplashes are quickly gaining popularity for their ease to clean and able to shape to match the profile of a kitchen.

2.Glass top on your shelves

This is for people who have space interior spaces in the bathroom, living room and even kitchen. A glass on the bottom surface of a shelf amplifies available space optically. Buy them ready-made to customize them to suit your spaces.

3.A real-time image on your dining table

The glass table top is becoming quite popular with homeowners and the reason is obvious. It is not only easy to clean but is also durable. The frame can be anything from metal to wood and the glass top can be painted at the bottom for a mirror effect at the top. This type of dining table will suit both modern and traditional home setups.

4.An Accent Wall of custom cut glass

Any room in your house can be boring with a plain neutral color of paint but glass can provide the perfect canvas on which to add a hint of glamorous color anywhere. Glass wallboard can spice up the kitchen wall and is a cool space for sticking recipes and meal plans. How about adding ambiance to your living room by hanging painted glass over the fireplace?

5.Trendy glass breakfast table

A great place to sit when doing your knitting late in the afternoon or enjoying a cup of coffee early in the morning, the breakfast glass table has lots of uses both in the contemporary and classic homes. Consider an authentic style such as a glass top over an old barrel or a fancy custom built metal frame.

The above ideas have more or less been targeted at making your kitchen trendy and handy. Pieces that are pleasant to look at but also easy to clean and maintain. They are great alternatives that add light to space and bring in a hint of sophistication with every cut or design. Here are more ideas for around the house that offer relevance to insulated glass;

6.Combined glass and mirror art

Rarely will you walk into a home office and fail to notice the generous use of glass on windows, partitions or doors for natural lighting. Before you add that glass, consider blending it with mirrors for a touch of prestige. Go beyond the doors and windows but be creative with your logo and wall art. Let your artistic use of glass be a conversation starter at this office space.

7.Glass and mirror décor on walls

This will work best on sections of the house where there are plain walls that span the length of a room or two. Mirrors placed in such places enhance lighting in the interiors and when the glass around it is matched with the rest of the home décor, the sight is pure bliss.

8.Glass and mirror blends on wall shelves

This works best in large plain walls, especially in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. One side of the glass is painted to block out while the other side is left bare. Similar faced panels are then mounted to face each other for a touch of elegance. This style can be used to add color to rooms where some accessories intended for use have no matching or blending colors.

9.Glass and mirror shelves for the open plan bathroom/kitchen

When you want your house to appear like it is transparent on all fronts, such are the shelves you use. In this trend, none of the surfaces are painted but the unit is attached to a corner for maximum visibility. This is a trend of modern kitchens that are more of showrooms than living spaces.

10.Contemporary fireplace insulated glass

When those chilly winter months set in, there is always a dilemma of lighting a wood fire to keep warm but filling the house with smoke and soot. The solution to this is to use insulated glass as a front grill. It allows heat to penetrate to the rest of the house but keeps in the smoke and wood remains.

Why are more and more people using insulated glass for their interior décor? The secret is in the aura of warmth and protection that this kind of glass provides. Made by combining two or more glass panes, such glasses are perfect for use on partition walls, doors, and large windows. If you are looking for windows that shield you from the elements but are also a source of solitude, here you are. They also conform to the weather, regulating temperatures and making the interiors bearable in extreme weather. Apart from the fireplace and large windows, some other places where insulation in glass panes is an advantage is; cabinet doors, table tops, sliding glass doors, swimming pool area and home gym partitions.


There is use for glass in your home in every room you have. It might be the same glass type you are using but the cut and colors you use on it will set it apart from one area to another. In using glass, there are many DIY projects for the handy homeowner but even such will require specialized equipment to smooth out the edges, cut the glass and join panes together. Regardless of the lengths you go to incorporate glass into your home interior décor, the effort must be seen and it always impresses.a

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