5 Effective Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Large

Published On July 2, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

Our experts have found that after working with numerous clients, residential and commercial, the only thing the area lacked was space. Hence, they had to come up with the design that could be functional in that space and keeping client’s need in mind at the same time. Cuisines Modena has listed some of these kitchen renovation tips to make the small space seem large. 


  • Use lighter color to make your kitchen seem large


The lighter the shades of your kitchen, the larger it will feel. If there is a good view outside the window, you can choose colors that can complement with that view and integrate them into the kitchen redecoration. You can focus the light palette on backsplashes, countertops, millworks, and walls. It may help the kitchen in seeming spacious. 


  • You can install a mirrored backsplash


Mirrors come in handy where is there is minimal or no natural light in the kitchen at all. They help in widening the space and bounce the light around. The designer uses antique mirror tiles rather than traditional tile for a backsplash or you can also use an antique frame mirror if you are on a budget.


  • You can use patterns at the underestimated spaces


The floor is the most neglected area of a kitchen. But this place can be used for the high impact design at its best. Using a patterned floor casts an illusion to groove the space up. You can use wood floor patterns or hand painted cement tile for a bohemian look.


  • Using open shelving keep the area light and airy


Not many people prefer having open shelves, but they are really functional and make it easy for the users to access things. Always visualize your kitchen in an architectural sense and you don’t need upper cabinets every time, they don’t always make sense, particularly if you have high ceilings.


  • Make the most of the lighting


You may never get enough of the lighting in a kitchen so always use decorative fixtures instead of island and prep station. This is because you need plenty of light when you are cooking. You can also use flush or recessed fixtures and under cabinet lighting as well. 

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