5 kitchen bar types that you can pair your Cherner counter stool with

Published On May 22, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

The ‘kitchen bar’ category has seen a vast exodus of gorgeous and practical designs. However, people simply go for the typical, old-school versions. However, the Cherner counter stool – one of midcentury eras most unique creations – is a very distinct piece of furniture that requires the proper accentuation. So, further, we’ll be taking a look at 5 kitchen bar types that you can pair this stool up with:

  1. The effortless segue


The bar featured in this image is an extension of an in-built dining table. It’s the kind of design that’s emulated in small-sized home that have forgone the typical dining paraphernalia. It usually consists of a seamless extension of the kitchen countertop into the bar area that ends on a sleek, compact note. You can pile in a cluster of Cherner bar stools right underneath its surface to concoct a permanent dining fixture where your family or friends can gather for a warm meal.

  1. The kitchen island formation 


The Cherner counter stool would be the perfect addition in homes that are large enough to feature a kitchen with an actual island. Just take the formation featured in this image as an example. The wide girth of the island is totally eye-catching, but it’s the neat row of the Cherner stools around one edge that makes the whole setting even more visually dynamic and attractive – a total blow out of the park with luxurious accents.

  1. Kitschy medium sized island


A medium sized kitchen islands in homes that are relatively smaller in size is also the perfect opportunity to highlight the Cherner counter stools. Such island types usually consist of some appliance or other essential – such as a sink or an induction hob – at one end. On the other is a make-shift dining area where the family can gather for a meal. This is another instance where the actual dining furniture is out-voted in favor of a stylish bar.

  1. Double the height, double the vision


If you’re looking into the concept of epic luxury, then the kitchen bar featured in this image would be right up your alley. It’s designed at the head of an oversized kitchen island and its height is a little bit on the taller side to accommodate the design, anthropometry, and aesthetics of the Cherner counter stools. This type of a kitchen bar can be used for midnight snacking or general munching. It’s not, however, the most formal setting so you’ll definitely need an accompanying dining area.

  1. The appliance bar


The era of built-in appliances is at its peak and of course some of these are being installed within the actual kitchen bar. This is another type that you can pair with your Cherner counter stool. However, be prepared for a burst of glamour to be introduced in such a bar design. From elegant toe-kicks to chrome finishes and gorgeous appliances, there are a lot of ways that you can make this bar contrast with the organic finish of the Cherner stool.

So these are some of the bar designs that can look great with the Cherner counter stools. You can tweak the finishes and dimensions to suit your preference and home style.

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