5 Power Washing Facts You Should Know

Published On March 18, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Cleaning


Whether you have dingy exterior walls, dirty concrete, or you need to restore your deck, power washing is a valuable and versatile tool at your disposal. It doesn’t matter how stubborn the strains on your outdoor surfaces are, professional power washing will leave them cleaned and refreshed.

Below are some things about power washing before you get started.

#1:  Know how it works

Have you ever had your finger over the end of a hose, then you should have an idea of how power washing works. By simply forcing water through a narrow opening, the stream which is usually at a very high pressure can strip away oil, dirt, mold, and grime. However, a power washer’s stream is a controlled and more precise stream unlike a garden hose.

#2: Home and professional equipment are different

It’s possible you have once seen a pressure washer on sale at your local store. But you should know that there is a difference between these washers and a professional-grade equipment. While home power washers are designed and great to carry on smaller jobs, they can’t handle a professional cleaning. The home power washers also tend to wear out faster too.

#3: Take note of the color-coded nozzles

Different jobs require a specific pressure washer setting, and they have the nozzle tips color-coded so you can easily identify the one you need. The white nozzle dispense streams at 40 degrees, the green at 25, yellow at 15, and the red at zero for the most concentrated, narrowest application. The black nozzle is for soap dispensing and comes with the lowest pressure output.

#4: It has a great impact on business

Making a good impression on potential customers and clients is very important for all business and many business owners know this. When you have regular power washing in your establishment, it helps keep your exterior clean and attractive, causing your company to be well represented before your clients.

#5: Extends the lifespan of paints

The benefits of pressure washing is not only limited to clean walls. Rot, mildew, and accumulated dusts and debris can cause a quick deterioration of your exterior paint. However, when you commit the job of pressure washing to professionals like Zachs Power Washing. They help remove them all, helping you extend the lifespan of your paint for many years.

If your business or home is long overdue for cleaning, it is time you should hire a professional power washer to do the job for you. Let them clean your building and concretes so that you can enjoy all the goodies that come with a fresh, tidy exterior.


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