7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Do Gardening

Published On February 25, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Featured

Growing plants is a wonderful experience that should be part of every child’s upbringing, regardless of where they live.  These days, gardens are sprouting up everywhere: rooftops, balconies, community plots, urban settings, schools, tiny apartment, and suburban neighborhood. There are many ways on how you can grow plants with your kids.

You can always hire Professional gardeners Rozelle such as Amico to maintain your garden and keep it beautiful and healthy. However, doing simple gardening with your children can prove to be very beneficial and worthwhile. Below are seven reasons how gardening benefits kids.

  1. Gets Them Dirty

Digging in the soil, pulling out weeds and planting seed gets their little hands covered in dirt with is good for kids. This is because the dirt has wonderful microbes that build up a child’s immune system and reduces chronic conditions like allergies, asthma, obesity, and diabetes.

  1. Gets Kids Outside

Some kids hate the idea of going out. Planting a garden will encourage and entice your kids to go every day outdoors and get enough sunshine in their skin. Since children are naturally curious, they will keep on checking the progress of plants, and it will be a very satisfying experience for them to reap their first harvest or see the first flower that they planted bloom finally. Getting them outside will also keep them active, reduce their stress and make them smarter

  1. Encourages Healthy Eating

When children grow their fruits and vegetables, they will be more likely to eat them as well. Even the pickiest kid are willing to try their harvest. Gardening with them is a good opportunity to talk about healthy eating and what it looks like. Try also growing vegetables that are less found in a grocery store like purple carrots, orange tomatoes, and winter melons to entice your kids more to eat healthily.

  1. Develops Muscles and Coordination

As your children do gardening, their body will also build muscles, fine motor skills and have better coordination. Activities, such as digging dirt, pushing a wheelbarrow, pulling weeds and mounding potatoes is hard work and will challenge and make their body and muscles grow stronger. Kids will learn more skills as they go on the process of plantings seeds, plucking off slugs from lettuce or picking fruits and veggies.

However, you can also get help from a professional landscaping services Sydney from Amico if you are having a hard time managing and landscaping your gardens. They will provide a helping hand in ensuring that you will have a healthy and attractive garden in your home.

  1. Teaches Important Life Lessons

Gardening will teach your children a lot of important things. It will instill into them life lessons that they will learn along the way such as the responsibility of caring for plants, having patience as they watch the plants grow and the self-confidence that comes with growing something with your own hands. It will also teach them how to grow food which a basic skill that every person on our planet should know. Also, they will also understand the science behind gardening such as how do seeds sprout and what plants need to grow.

  1. Builds A Community

May it be a community, school or family garden, growing plants help children learn how to work well and socialize with other people. It is also a great opportunity for children to bond and connect with their family members, teachers, and friends.

  1. Encourages To Love Nature

The days they spend growing their garden, observing their progress every day and making sure they have all the nutrients and care they will help the child develop an understanding of nature. They will appreciate their beauty and understand how important our role is in taking care of the environment. It is a great opportunity to inspire them to make a difference in the world, even with small steps.

Final Word

Gardening is a healthy and fun activity for children. However, always make sure that your garden is a safe place, with suitable equipment, tools, fences, gates, and paths for your kids to use.

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