A Few Reasons Why Double Glazed Windows are the Best

Published On May 2, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

Leveling up on the existing windows to enhance the energy efficiencies is a smart move. Double glazed windows are ideal when it comes to replacement windows. The design and features of the leading edge models by the Home Zone help in saving up on the energy costs and offer a more comfortable home all year around.

How do the double glazed windows work?

Double glazed windows tend to add many elements to establish the highest levels of efficiencies. Apart from the two glass panes that have a space of around 16mm apart, these windows tend to have gases like argon or krypton in order to fill the gap and build better insulation. Low emissivity windows entail a layer of metal oxide on the internal pane. This very thin and clear layer lets the sunlight in your home as well as blocks the heat from escaping outside, hence eliminating the burden on your furnace. The best double glazed windows come with a low emissivity or low-E coating and the gas between the glass panes. The design bestows with the most protection and insulation against heat loss, enhancing the efficiencies of your home in manifold.

Quieter days and nights

Apart from being efficient, double glazed windows also offer better protection and less obtrusive noise. These windows are much needed if the house is on the side which faces the street. If a bedroom has double glazed windows installed, it will be quieter, even in a noisy case, than those with another type. The air space found between the two glass panels don’t only insulate against heat transfer, but it also blocks the sound from passing through and muffles the loud noises significantly as well. When you install heavy drapes, these windows help in creating a quiet space in your home.

What about triple glazed windows?

With the same principle, triple glaze windows come with three glass panes rather than two to add insulation against the heat loss. These windows also use some gas between the glass panes and low emissivity coating to enhance the efficiency levels. Even the experts say that today, a high quality double glazed window offers similar protection and efficiencies just like a triple glazed window. This may add more to your budget, so it is recommended to go for double glazed windows, if you are willing to stay in budget.

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