A Guide to Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Published On April 23, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

No home is ever safe from the possibility of a fire outbreak. From public to private spaces, everything is at risk. With this, having smoke alarms QLD emerges as one of the most crucial home fire safety procedures there is.

What is Smoke Alarm?

A smoke alarm is a type of fire-preventive device that is designed to detect any smoke that could indicate a fire. Once it has identified the presence of such gas, its alarm system will automatically let out audio and visual signals to warn residents about the emerging disaster.

Although offering unsurmountable benefits, without proper and regular maintenance program, these detectors could fail to assist you in times of need.

In order to prevent that scene from happening, here are a few maintenance tips you should know:

#1) Test the Device

To ensure that your detectors are active and can be dependent on any time, it is advisable to test them once every month. Try to press the alarm button and wait until the alert tone goes on. By this, you can secure that the device will react once a fire has started to break out.

#2) Clear away dust

Dust and other contaminants could affect the overall performance of your detector as they might block or even trigger its sensor. Be sure to conduct a cleaning activity, at least twice a year, using your soft brush vacuum cleaner. This way, you can eliminate all the dirt and cobwebs that have accumulated on your ceiling.

#3) Replace your smoke alarms every 10 years

Usually, this device lasts up to 10 years or even earlier. To assure that you will be warned right after a fire broke out and prevent further damages, be sure to consistently replace your detectors in accordance with the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Fire-related accidents are among the most common causes of property damages and deaths recorded each year. Be sure to get your house ready when it comes to the unexpected.

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