A Homeowner’s Basic Guide For Selecting Bathroom Tiles!

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If you are someone with an eye for aesthetics, you would agree that bathrooms are integral part of interior designing. It is more than necessary for the bathroom design to work with rest of the interiors, and one of the most important aspects that need attention is the choice of bathroom tiles. Today, there is no fixed grammar or rules that must be adhered to, and that allows homeowners to experiment with a variety of options. In this post, we are discussing simple things that help in selecting bathroom tiles.

    1. Bathroom size is important. Bigger tiles always look better in bigger bathrooms, so the size of your bathroom largely determines the size of tiles you can opt for. For curves, smaller tiles are always better.

  • Subtlety is the key. Some of the best homes have subtle tiles that usually work with the rest of the bathroom fixtures without breaking the theme. If that’s what you are seeking, you can check for options like Carreaux Metro bathroom tiles.

  1. Know your options. From mosaic and ceramic to porcelain and stone, there are wide range of tile materials that you can choose from, and each have a few pros and cons, which must be considered.
  2. Check the slip rating. Bathroom is one of the functional areas of the house, and you need to be sure that the tiles you choose have high slip rating. This is an aspect that determines how safe the flooring is for the occupants.
  3. Considering going all the way to ceiling. Using wallpapers in the bathroom is probably not the best idea, because you would be using shower and steam, which can damage the walls. A good alternative for that is to use the tiles all the way to the ceiling on all four sides.
  4. Create a feature wall. Just like we all are proud to have a feature wall in the living room, having one for the bathroom is a great way to add aesthetic value. Go for a contrasting, textured tile for one of the walls to highlight your bathroom.
  5. Consider maintenance. Eventually, you would want a well-maintained bathroom, and tile cleaning is not the easiest thing. Consider more shades of grey, brown and black that don’t need as much attention as white tiles.

Finally, don’t forget to hire a reliable installation service, because that can make a big difference as how those expensive tiles work for your bathroom.

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