All you need to know about relocating to the Netherlands

Published On March 16, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Real Estate

Netherland attracts a large number of expats because of its rich socio-economic beneficial aspects. However, finding a home in Netherland is a big challenge. The accommodations are not cheap and even if you do find something which suffices your budget, setting up also takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Home Utilities are water, electricity, gas, internet and TV which should be your first priorities to get sorted with.

The rules and regulation of your native country are different from the country in which you are relocating. The main problem is the information on utilities which are provided in Dutch language only.

So, here is a guide on charges you need to pay for relocating to the Netherlands and set up your utilities  

– Charges applicable for Water Supplier in the Netherlands: –

  • Water consumption – This is the amount you have to pay based on the amount of water you have used in a year.
  • Tax on tap water – The rule was imposed in 2015 at a rate of 0.33 euros per cubic metre. Usage above 300 cubic metres is exempt from this tax.
  • Provincial groundwater levy
  • Charges for the water board and municipality – A payment that made for the purification of water and sewage charges.


– Charges applicable for electricity supplier in the Netherlands

Like water supply the electricity supply is managed, by regional operators whose charges are different from each other.

Here’s a list of major energy providers: –

– Essent

– Energiedirect

– Nuon

– Eneco


– Charges applicable for Internet services in the Netherlands

• Internet via the telephone

There are three alternatives for telephone-based internet connections: –

– Dial-up analogue modem


– ADSL connection

With ADSL, the phone line is divided in two so that it can transmit a phone signal as well as an internet connection.

• The Internet via TV cable

If you would like to receive the internet through your TV cable, you will have to undergo a postcode check to see whether the ADSL speed will be fast enough to transmit.

• The Internet via cable network

For cable internet, the main supplier is Ziggo, which incorporated UPC, the other major supplier, in April 2015.

Other Internet Providers are KPN and T-Mobile.

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