Asphalt Vs Steel Roofing – Discussing The Pros And Cons

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When you consider asphalt vs steel roofing and try to formulate an opinion, you will come across many ideas. If you ask commercial and residential builders about the roofing material, they will most likely side with using asphalt, on the other hand, if you request an architect who covers routine residential construction he would probably advice using the steel roofing. An average homeowner who has little idea about either will not care for what is in store on using these materials and would most likely consider pricing to be one of the most significant factors when picking a roofing material.

The roofing is the main structure of the house perhaps more important than the walls. Not only the roof is one of the foundations of the home, but it is one of the materials that remain exposed to all external influences such as sun rays, rain, and even storms. Any shortcomings in constructing a roof can lead to financial loss later as repairing or patching up holes in a home roof is a costly exercise and can cause the homeowner thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance. However, most people pay little attention to roofing and have to face the consequences later. When it comes to asphalt vs steel roofing undermentioned are few pros and cons of both roofing arrangements so you can make an informed decision when setting up the roof in your construction.

Pros of Asphalt Roofing

– The material is durable and long-lasting and comes with an overwhelming endorsement of professional builders. It a tested roofing material, and it carries positive testimonials from the residential and commercial markets all favoring the use of Asphalt roofing.

– The cost of Asphalt roofing is significantly lower than other roofing options. Those who are looking to construct a house in a budget or an in the business of building entry-level homes will find the cost savings a big incentive.

– The product is easy to use and install where professional contractors take less time to set up the roof, thus bringing down the labor cost. Similarly, the repair costs of the material remain lower than other options.

– Asphalt is available in different styles that can replicate wood, or slate and can add aesthetic appeal to the overall look of the house.

– The asphalt roofing options carry strong warranties that go over 30 years. Some of these roofing comes under the environmental requirements and can reward the homeowner with tax credits.

Cons of Asphalt Roofing

– Although the product comes in various style for those who seek perfection, the replicas can appear dull.

– The structure of Asphalt roofing is reliable; however, when it comes to severe weather crisis such as hail, it can damage the structure of the roof. Also, the roofing that does not get enough sunlight can gather mildew and algae, and that too will harm the Asphalt.

– The warranty on the roofing remains high; however, it does not mean that claims will get through if the homeowner does not ensure proper maintenance of the roofing.

Pros of Steel Roofing

– It is durable roofing that will last for hundreds of years. Even in the harshest environment, you can expect the steel roofing to give you 60-70 years.

– It comes with extended warranties of more than 50 years.

– It offers more protection in case of fire eruptions, leaks, or wind thrusts. It also helps to get better insurance coverage for the homeowner.

– It looks visually appealing and serves as one of the best roofing options for new homes.

Cons of Steel Roofing

– It is an expensive purchase and will cost you a lot more than the other roofing option. This reason is one of the central aspects that make a homeowner look for alternatives.

– It comes down to the product selection and brand as the steel manufacturing varies, so it becomes a difficult choice for the consumer to pick an option.

– The repairs if any are more expensive on steel roofing and require services of specialized contractors to get the fixing.

Going through the pro and cons of the Asphalt and Steel roofing options, it is better for a new homeowner to sit down with a professional, like this one, click here, to discuss his requirements and budget before selecting any one of the roofing material.

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