Decorate Your Bedroom Walls Like A Professional Interior Designer

Published On March 14, 2019 | By Ellina Willson | Remodeling

There’s really no wrong or right method of selecting beautiful art pieces to hang down your bedroom wall. What you find attractive may not be appealing to someone else, that’s why art is said to be subjective. In this light, we say that there are no fixed, stern rules for selecting decorating pieces for a room. However, there are general tips that can help you select the best of your style or choice of art. The aim is to creatively make judicious use of the space you have for art in your room without them conflicting with each other or the room’s style and color. Consider the following when you want to buy decorative pieces.

#1: Measurements and dimensions

You ever walked into a room, and the only thing that seems to be there is a large piece of art right opposite you looking like it’s about to swallow you up? It could be a very nice piece, but it doesn’t have to choke the space out of other items that can hang on the wall. On the other extreme, some pieces can be so small you have to walk up close and maybe use a magnifying glass to see its content. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but when you have to take an art piece off the wall t before you can confidently see and appreciate its content, then it’s too small and not proportional to the room. Small family pictures can sit on tables and shelves, that’s almost what they were made for.

So, before you buy that piece, consider the dimension and size of your room, relate it to the piece and let it all just fit.

#2: If it’s art, then it should have a purpose

Utilize your space to bring life into the room. Go for pieces that tell a story, or complements the room in some creative way that people can feel.

#3: Color is quite important

Nature, the mother of beauty has mastered the art of colors and its combination. Still, paintings of natural habitat are always beautiful because the colors relate in harmony. Colors shouldn’t contrast each other. There should be an alignment; whether it’s monochromatic or analogous, it should flow.

Take note, metal sculptures and pieces can add a flavor and good texture to your decor. Hanging metal pieces is quite modern and the characteristics of modern-day designing.

#4: Let the art reflect your style

If it’s your own room, then you will definitely like to personalize it. Don’t go for the popular stuff, go for what means something personally to you, what relates to your soul and what brings a smile to your face. You can check reputable art galleries like Galerie LeRoyer to make the best choice that perfectly fit your style.

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