Decorative TRENDS for 2020 in ceramic: perfect interior design

Published On October 27, 2020 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

It is a good time for raw and polished materials that are taking hold thanks to the growth of the countertop and project sector. On the other hand, ceramics continues to gain ground as a leading design element in interior design through tiles that are aligned with the latest decorative trends. The mid-century style or the new art décor that have been protagonists in the latest design trends, find their ceramic answers in the latest trends.

Mid-century Colors

Imposing itself over other trends, the Bold Colors trend has already stood out in 2019, which puts the protagonist note using a highly decorative level and with a clear influence of the 50s and 60s. In the space they are combined with furniture products in noble materials in which dark-toned wood stands out. Flat and vibrant colors that draw directly from the American markets and that fit within the midcentury decorative trends, with sophisticated decorative touches. Proposals are presented with a geometric and linear graphic repertoire where the coverings are called to become the protagonists of the space.

Restore materials

Overcome the era of the great architectural signature projects, projects are sought that work on what there is, projects and buildings characterized by a practical, sober and measured architecture. Very far from those megaprojects carried out by great architects during the previous period of the crisis. Among them we find not only new construction projects, but also rehabilitation projects. Ceramic products stand out that claim their material nature and the land itself with simple but versatile designs aimed at exploring creativity through the project rather than through the product.

Tile décor

Influenced by the latest trends in the interior design sector, it highlights a product line for the habitat where decoration becomes the central theme. The Tile Décor trends look back to rescue some classics from previous decades with a renewed look. Undoubtedly the ornamental component of the interiors and the products that populate it gain capital importance. Wood and marble, metals, glass, organic and geometric elements with exotic inspirations, are some of the outstanding design elements.

Dark and ​​watercolor

Gradients, shadow effects and watercolors on the surfaces to generate spaces with a decadent, old, but very sophisticated air. The Dark and ​​Watercolors trend is especially interesting within the contract channel and explores the theatrical dimension of ceramics. The predominant colors are neutral, gray and black tones, which are combined with whites and cold shades of blue that seek to create dreamlike environments.

Brutal Style

It is a trend with rough looking products, raw and with geology as one of the inspiration keys. The material passion translates into monolithic proposals, with large geological surfaces. Ceramics presents proposals reproducing stone materials with a high risk character, both for its graphics and its formats. This trend responds to a quasi-fetishistic phenomenon towards raw matter and large blocks of cement and stones, with fragments, volcanic stones, and igneous rocks such as granite. Also, this great offer strengthens the great future of the ceramic materials market.

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