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In the current fast pacing world, industries are looking for pressure-sensitive tape to control the pressure on working applications. Growth in the pressure-sensitive tape market becomes simple by using double-sided adhesive tapes. It is a personalized product that comes with the flexibility to use on specialized applications. Within the short span from introduction and launch, the double-sided adhesive tape was used mostly in ideal applications. This double sided adhesive tape becomes so popular due to its high bonding system. In this complete article, you will know about must-known things about the double-sided adhesive tape.

Significant information about the double-sided tape

The double side tape material is different from regular adhesive tapes. It will come in a thin adhesive layer on each side of the tape surface. It is recently using a vast array of industrial applications as listed below. You can use this tape to stick two surfaces together in an invisible way to create the newer look for the application.

  • Bonding
  • Mounting
  • Packaging
  • Splicing
  • Mounting

Specifications of the different double-sided tape

The Double-Sided tape can manufacture in two different forms as a thin and thick layer. The thin tape is a paper-based tape and thick tape is a foam-based tape. Bonding systems in these tapes are not similar in nature but are unusual from regular tapes. It can able to bond on non-uniform, textured and highly patterned surfaces. The liner and layer of the tapes will differentiate the thick and thin tape.

Applications where the Double-sided tapes can use

The double-sided adhesive tape can be used in diverse applications based on the requirement. Although double sided tape can use on usual adhesive applications, it can use on certain applications. You can use the double-sided adhesive in applications of transportation, trimming applications as follows.

House wrap in crawlspaces

To seal the screws in the applications or to seal the air-tight applications, majorly Double-sided adhesive tapes are used. Due to its high performance from double-side areas, it doesn’t allow the water to migrate behind it. Even it can use in the vapor barriers to seal the crawlspaces in the chamber.

How to Yield long-term performance?

Double-sided adhesive tapes naturally come with unique adhesion condition and it can use on automotive applications. It doesn’t damage aesthetics even though the materials get a stick on both sides. Due to its high resistance against environmental conditions, you can yield long-term superior performance from the tape.

Which double-sided tape is best for your requirement?

All the types in the double sided adhesive tape are useful in each purpose and you should decide the best for your application after clearly understanding the character of the tapes. Foam tapes are best to use on temperature applications. Cotton tapes are used on dissimilar applications. Paper tapes are best to use on an irregular application that holds the required temperature.

Final thoughts 

When it comes to best among the double-sided tapes, it belongs to your application purpose. The double-sided adhesive tapes are stronger and will last longer according to the chemicals used in tape and its contacted object.

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