Do a Galley Style with Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen renovation is great fun. After all every homeowner and family takes pride in their kitchen and when time comes to remodel it or add to its existing character every person in the family would have their say to make it look perfect. You can redo your kitchen the old way where you replace your cabinets, counter, sink and may be even the appliances. Doing so while you may add fresh breathe to your kitchen, you don’t add to its character. This is where the second option of completely overhauling the kitchen is worth the money and the effort you’d put into the project.

Thinking out of the box pays as you will be able to create something that you take pride in. If your kitchen is small you will need to creatively work around an idea that offers you maximum storage and is high on other functionalities.  When you host your friends in the kitchen they would shower the compliments on what they see in the space. Isn’t that encouraging? Don’t you think your kitchen should be unique in style and character? Most of us aspire to make a statement about our lifestyle through our kitchen. It isn’t about installing walnut cabinets or other cabinet styles but how we redefine the look of the kitchen.

If you haven’t yet decided on a particular style for your cabinets or the kitchen remodeling in whole we suggest you to try out galley style kitchen with antique white kitchen cabinets. Galley style kitchen remodeling isn’t new but a concept that has been tried and perfect over many years. It was the sailors who tried it earlier as this would remind them of their good old days of sailing around the world. But this trend has picked up in the recent years and homeowners especially who live in smaller apartments appreciating the appearance and functionality that this kitchen style brings along –


Creating antique character….

The reason you are planning to build your kitchen like a galley is because you wish to have something unique. You will have to break the convention and choose a path that most homeowners might not be bold enough to try. Naturally you should focus on creating a unique character in your kitchen one that stands out compared to what you see in every other kitchen that you have every walked into. Do your research and if you come across a unique idea you can always try that out. In most cases you’d be working on a triangle where the stove, the sink and your refrigerator would be three corners of a triangle. Have the stove on the opposite end of the door and the sink and the fridge on its either sides.

Optimize use of space…

Since you are likely to build a galley style kitchen when you don’t have the luxury of space you need to optimize the use of space. Unlike an average kitchen that has horizontal cabinets you need to choose vertical style cabinets which can go all the way up to the ceiling. This will increase the use of space in your kitchen. Note the appliances that you haven’t used for few months or ones whose absence isn’t likely to change your life. Get rid of them and make sure you are utilizing the space to the maximum.

To sum up a galley style kitchen with antique white kitchen cabinets adds a unique character to your kitchen and makes it stand out. You can try buying RTA walnut cabinets if you have love for that wood stain and you would definitely have something to be proud of.

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