Everything You Need to Know about Submersible Pump Cables

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In today’s World, the advancement of technologies led to the development of many electrical appliances to complete certain tasks. The submersible pump is one such device that is submerged within a tank to push fluid to the surface of the Ground.  

A submersible pump requires a special type of wire called submersible pump cables. These cables are mainly used to provide the power supply for the submersible pumps. While buying the submersible pumps you must have known about the cable. Here is everything you need to know about the submersible pump cables.

What is a Submersible Pump Cables?

Submersible pump cables are one of the common types of cable that are designed especially for delivering power supply to the submersible pumps. These cables are made from good conducting aluminum or copper, insulated with polyvinyl chloride or non-toxic cables.

The submersible pump cable comes with single or multiple conductors and varies in design. The maximum voltage of the submersible pump cables is 600 volts. Because of the features and benefits of submersible cables, they are incorporated in the pumps for underwater usage.

Features of the Submersible Pump Cables

It has an ergonomic design

  • Can withstand the humid and wet conditions
  • Robust structure
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Strong electrical and mechanical properties
  • Size and shape varies in accordance with the usage.

The Submersible pump cables are available in different models each one differs from one another in the structure and design. Some of the major types of Submersible Pump Cables are

  • Rubber Core Cable
  • PVC Core Cable
  • Flat Parallel Submersible Pump Cable
  • Heavy Duty Submersible Pump Cable
  • Multi-conductor Underground Feeder Cable
  • PVC Twisted Pump Cable with Ground

These are the major types in cables for submersible pumps from which you can opt out the right one that suits your pump or motor.


Importance of Submersed Pump Cables

The submerged pump cables are used with the intention of providing power supply to the electrical equipment. This cable is designed in such a way to tackle all the environmental conditions. This cable has more importance in pump and motor applications to run them effectively.

The submersible has the greater ability to transmit electrical power and work under wet conditions. The plastic coating of the cable provides the capacity to withstand all fluid medium such as water, oil or grease.

As the submersible pumps are continuously used in underwater no other cable can meet its requirements. Hence the submersible cables are specially designed to lasts for longer days at the wet condition.

The conductors of the cables are identified with the color codes that are represented in it. Many industries take advantage of the cable charts to determine the horsepower and power that are required for the cable pumps.

Thus, these are the essential information that you should know about the cables for submersible pumps. The submersible cables are used in the winding of the submersible pumps. In addition, they are also used in the irrigation system, mining, drilling works and so on.


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