Factors To Consider When Choosing Pool Fencing

Published On December 3, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

If you have a pool, it is expected for you to fence it especially if you have children or pets around you. The importance of pool fencing cannot be overemphasized as it prevents them from falling in and possibly drowning. But you cannot just go ahead and fence your pool without making some prior assessments. It is necessary to consider certain factors in order to make a well-informed decision with little to no regrets.

Some of these factors are briefly discussed below:


The kind of material used to build your pool fence will largely determine its quality and durability. It is expected that the fencing company will provide you with a comprehensive list of materials you can choose from and you have to be very careful here. 

For instance, a vinyl fence is suitable for house owners that want a low-maintenance pool fence while a wood fence offers outstanding aesthetics for a great value and is, therefore, one of the most used materials. In addition, aluminum is classic and highly durable. While iron offers the same aesthetics and durability, it requires a lot more from you when it comes to maintenance. In the same vein, another option for a durable fencing material is chain link.


Another important factor to consider before fencing your pool is design. The fence must be designed in such a way that children and animals cannot climb over it. In fact, the stipulations made by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission require your pool fence to be at least four feet tall. Furthermore, it is also recommended that you do permanent fencing due to its durability. Lastly, ensure the gate opens outward, away from the area of the pool and has both a self-closing and self-latching design.

Installation Company

Hiring a good installation company that knows what is required of it is necessary. Pool fencing is not regulated at the federal level but by local and state regulations. The thing is that most of those pool laws are somewhat complicated and might differ based on the city you stay in. As a result of this, it is expected that a good professional fencing company will help you choose a pool fence that complies with all local and state fencing regulations. This is why you need a reliable and well-reputed company to help you handle the task.


Color is one other thing to determine before you fence your pool and it is sometimes determined by the kind of material you use. Vinyl, aluminum and wood fences can be painted an exhaustive range of colors. This makes it easy for you to paint your pool fence in a color that blends well with your yard.


The last but not the least important factor to consider is the budget. In fact, it is probably as important as other factors. Whatever material you use, whatever design you choose, ensure the fencing falls within your budget while also abiding by the necessary safety rules, regulations and requirements.

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