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Cleaning isn’t just an act of ensuring good hygiene it is can also be a lifestyle and if done regularly can benefit you by helping you burn some unwanted calories from your body. In this regard, we’ve compiled some interesting did you know facts and statistics about cleaning that you will most likely find intriguing.

  • Did you know that an average individual spends 85% of their time indoors? You can make the most of this time by doing some cleaning and burning off some calories because when you clean for 2 hours you inevitably burn 200 calories. Sounds like a great deal! On the other hand, some people don’t stay this long idle and indeed burn more calories working at their respective workplaces – these people should rather hire housekeepers Islington to help them handle their domestic chores.
  • Did you know that there are 300,000 cases of foodborne illness every year? Sounds like improper cleanliness and poor hygiene in the food from our kitchen, commercial areas and other areas of the home is indeed a threat to the health. A great way to reduce the risk is to ensure that the environments within which food products are prepared are best suited for specific products. Hire some housekeepers Islington today and be sure of the safety in your premises.
  • Did you know that antibacterial cleaners are supposed to be left for about 30 seconds on surfaces before wiping them off? Yes, that’s right? You don’t just wipe them away after application, you rather let them stick and work. What happens when you have numerous walls and surfaces to work on? Do you skip work for a day to do this or you spend your free hours doing this? In case you have no time to wait around to do this for all the surfaces in your home/commercial environment, try hiring Cleaners London.
  • Did you know that 70-80% of dust particles are composed of dead skin cells? Especially during spring, dusts are more pronounced thereby creating more allergens especially during cleaning. Even if dead skin cells are lurking around your property in the form of dusts, professional housekeepers Islington can help you alleviate the worries of these dusts and dirt thereby making your home/workplace more habitable and friendly.
  • Did you know that it is important to always wash your hands after handling food? This will ensure that your hands are free of any crumps and devoid of bacteria which can easily be spread around your environment.
  • Did you know about the “5 second rule”? 45% of people belief in the rule that when a food drops on the floor, it is okay to pick it up and eat within 5 seconds of being on the floor. However, what 95% of these people fail to understand is that just 1ft2 of your living room carpets/rugs harbour almost 1 pound of unhealthy microorganisms, germs and dirt. Learn to let go, when your food falls to the floor!

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