Features to Look for When Purchasing a Ceiling Fan

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Ceiling fans are the time-tested way to induce a cooling effect amidst the soaring temperatures. However, it all depends on choosing the right ceiling fan. Let’s look at a few features that you must consider –


The size of the ceiling fan is perhaps the most important consideration. The size of the fan is selected based on the size of the room. Just a few years ago; the sizes of fans available were 42”, 48” and 52”. However, it had an issue. The air flow was maximum when under the fan and it started diminishing significantly as we start moving further away from the sun.

The problem has been solved by big ceiling fans which have become a huge trend today. These have blades that span anywhere from 60” to even 90”. They circulate at a much slower speed but are far more efficient at providing greater airflow to a much larger distance and thus are an excellent choice for even a small room but are perfect for large rooms.

Motor size and blade pitch

The fans may all look like the same but are distinguished by their motor size and blade pitch. A powerful motor will deliver a much higher fan speed that may affect the amount of air circulated. Regarding blade pitch; the higher it is; the more air it will move. Thus, a fan with a higher blade pitch is best.

Workmanship and design

Today, style need not be compromised for functionality. You can easily have the best of both worlds. You can easily customize it to the way you desire it to be used. For instance, you can have ceiling fans with lighting fixtures; remote-controlled fans; fans functioning as decorative ceiling medallions, etc. Moreover, the length of the fan’s rod can also be customized to suit your taste.

A well-designed ceiling fan with high functionality is the investment that makes the purchase worthwhile.


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