Heating Service from Ithaca NY: Energy Saving Myths

Published On March 26, 2020 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

If you wish to save your energy bill, you need to implement a few lifestyle changes that will make an entire difference. However, when it comes to heating and cooling, you need to understand all energy-saving suggestions.

Therefore, when you want to reduce your energy bills, you need to follow a few things and understand common myths that will minimize the possibility. Check here to understand everything about reducing your energy bills.

Understand that if you wish to lower the electrical bill, it is crucial to understand which things are efficient and which ones are not.

1.Microwave Saves Energy – Fact

According to statistics, cooking makes up approximately 2% of your entire household electrical bill. However, if you wish to use a microwave instead of a stove or oven, you will be able to reduce the percentage of expenses you will make.

The main reason for that is because microwaves use less energy; they are quicker and useful during the summer that they do not place additional heat to your kitchen. The less heat in your kitchen means that you do not have to force your AC to work more than it should.

Apart from saving time, microwaving veggies and fruits will retain more nutrients when compared with traditional cooking.

On the other hand, when you make meals in a microwave, they will not taste as good as in stove; you should use them for small requirements such as melting butter or heating frozen veggies.

2.You Should Run Appliances at Night Because It Is Cheaper – Mostly Myth

In case you decided to enroll in a program that provides you a discount for using electricity during the off-peak hours, it is the way a better solution to use heavy-duty appliances during the nighttime or weekends.

However, since most people tend to use electricity by following a standard rate, it means that their costs are not changing, no matter when they use the appliances.

Remember that the time of day will not affect the energy expenses of appliances unless you have a discount on off-peak hours. You should check out this site: eandvenergy.com, to learn more about energy efficient heating.

Therefore, you should know that only if you have discounted electricity, you should wait until the dark to do laundry. Still, if that is not the case, it does not matter when you put it.

3.It Is More Efficient To Use Electric Space Heaters Only In Rooms You’re Using Instead Of Turning The Whole-House System – Myth

When it comes to energy efficiency, electric heaters are the worst of a kind. They use too much energy, so it would be much cheaper to heat an entire house by using the proper heating system than to warm a few rooms by using an electric alternative.

4.Closing Vents Will Conserve Energy – Myth

Even though this particular tip tends to make some sense, the logic does not consider the reality of how the HVAC systems operate. The idea is that furnaces will start to create as much heat as it can base on the ductwork, and it does not matter how many rooms your house has.

In case you decide to close the vents in rooms you are not occupying, that will not lead to reducing the heat levels in the furnace because the ductwork will be the same as before.

The fact is that closed vents will affect the overall air pressure and create an unbalanced heating system because the furnace will work more than it should.

5.Dishwashers Use More Water than Manually Dish Washing – Myth

If you have plenty of dishes that you need to wash manually, you will ultimately use more hot water than by placing everything inside the dishwasher. This is especially true if your appliance features energy-efficient settings, or if you have found the latest model.

In case you wash by hand, it is much more efficient to fill the tub with soapy and hot water than to let it run all the time.

6.If You Turn Electronics On/Off They Use More Energy than When You Keep Them Turned On – Myth

This was the fact when your computer was unwieldy and large devices that require significant amounts of energy for powering up.

However, nowadays, they are the most efficient technological appliances within your household, especially since efficiency became the primary consideration for the entire industry.

When you put your PC or laptop in the sleep mode, it requires a constant drain. At the same time, the energy used to power on the device is minimal when compared with standby energy expense.

That is the main reason why you should power off your electronics as soon as you stop using them, and that will lower down your energy bills.

7.Fireplace Is More Efficient Heating Solution than Any Other – Myth

If you wish to light a fire safely, you will need to open the damper from the chimney, which will let the toxic gases and smoke to disappear. However, it also means that you need to make the cold air from the outside to enter your household.

It sounds interesting to get relaxed next to a fire. However, the other rooms from your home will become colder as a result.

That is the main reason why your heating system will have to work much harder than before to compensate for the inability to retain the heat inside the home due to open chimney.

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