How Many Windows Will You Find in the Average Home?

Published On March 23, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement


Bright sunlight streaming into your home may be a goal for many homeowners, but some are struggling with a less-than-optimal number of windows. If your home is feeling a little dark and dreary, it could be that it was built with fewer than the average number of windows.

Today, we are going to breakdown how many windows on average a home will have installed.

How Much is Too Much?

The homes that you see in magazines are not exactly what you could consider an “average” home, so don’t feel cheated if you’re not seeing floor to ceiling windows in a traditional home.

Walls of windows may be stunning and beautiful, but they can lead to low energy efficiency for your home and will cause some additional cleaning.

It’s important to find that balance between walls and windows that allows in plenty of sunlight while still protecting your privacy.

Do You Need More Windows?

If you’re living in an older house, it’s likely that you might need some additional windows. There is no perfect number for how many windows should be in your home.

Real estate experts note that somewhere around 10-15 for a traditional, newer home around 2,000 square feet seems to be the average. This provides nearly every room with some natural sunlight, while still saving space on your walls for furniture and hanging pictures.

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