How to Choose a Loft Conversion Company in London

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When you need more space in your home, but moving out is not an option, you can extend your house through a loft conversion. It can be a lengthy and expensive process, so finding the right loft conversion building company in London is a priority to ensure you get the best service. With so many loft conversion companies to choose from, you can use this guideline to land the perfect one for the job.

Ask for references

A good loft conversion company will be willing to let you check out previous clients because it is confident in the work it does. Besides calling the referees asking how the company handled the project, you can go the extra step of inspecting the conversion personally. It what you see from various clients is not satisfactory then you should move on to another company.

Meet the contractor and the team

Your home should not be open to just anyone so ask to meet the team that will be converting your loft. You should be comfortable with them, and if you notice issues that need to be addressed, then you can openly ask the contractor to do something about them. Also, if the contractor wants to subcontract the work, ensure that the subcontractors will also do a competent job by going over their previous projects too.


Contractors who are affiliated to professional bodies are more likely to conduct their work ethically and with high standards. You can, therefore, ask if the contractor is a member of a trade association to gauge their professionalism.


You can never be too careful, so even after the company has completed the project, ensure that they can guarantee their work. Further, check that the contractor and his team are insured to cover any injuries sustained while working on your loft.

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