How to choose high-quality furniture for the bedroom: matching the bed to size

Published On May 11, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

What could be more important than quality sleep? Sleep on a comfortable orthopedic mattress or on a folding sofa? Sometimes it seems to us that you can sleep on the couch and equip the bedroom is not necessary. Buying living space furniture such as bed, drawers, folding sofa, etc. is not easy. You have to keep several things in mind. Room space, color, design, who lies there etc.

Bed for bedroom

When selecting furniture for a bedroom, the size of the bed is given in two versions – by the size of the mattress and by external dimensions. When buying, check to see if the exterior dimensions go to the size of your bedroom. A common mistake is to look at the size of the mattress, forgetting that the bed frame can add another 10–30 cm to the length and width. The width of the bed, of course, depends on the size of the room. Correctly, if on two sides of the bed there is a free passage 60 cm wide or more.

Tip: it is important to measure not only the place in the apartment where you plan to put new furniture, but also all the places through which the furniture will be brought in, that is, clearly represent the entire route that the new furniture will pass to the place that you have planned for it. Is it possible to bring a new sofa or mattress?

Furniture and room space

When choosing a bed, it is necessary to take into account whether it can get to your apartment and how. The bed can be disassembled or brought unassembled, but the mattress is not.

Especially carefully check the path of the mattress, if you have a two-level housing. The second floor is usually given as a bedroom, and the entrance is on the first floor. Therefore, the mattress – go up the stairs. Will you be able to carry such an overall object along the internal staircase? If yes – great. And if not? In such situations, two mattresses will help out. Yes, of course, sleeping with a “seam” in the middle is not very comfortable. But you can find your advantages here to choose mattresses of different density and rigidity individually for each of the people who will sleep on this bed.


What if the apartment is a one-room studio? To live without a bed? Here you can apply the trick. As a rule, one-bedroom apartments have an alcove, where they usually arrange a dressing room. So, in the alcove, you can place the bed and separate it with a decorative screen or sliding doors from the rest of the room, or build a podium and put a mattress on it. If you have guests – close the door, and voila! You are in the living room. And when it comes time to sleep, the living room will turn into a bedroom with a cozy bed. And if there is no alcove, it can be shielded using cabinets.

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