How to Conserve Water In the House

Published On July 23, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

There are many areas throughout the world that are struggling with droughts, making water more important than ever.  Conserving water not only helps save a precious resource that can help other people, but it also helps you save money on your utility bill.  There are a number of big and small ways that you can start conserving water.  Don’t forget, even if you’re not ready to go the extra mile and make complete changes to your lifestyle, even the smallest changes will make a significant impact over time.  Every little action you take matters.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. 

Did you know that the average faucet spills 2.5 gallons a minute?  If you’re busy brushing your teeth for at least two minutes, that’s 5 gallons of water that are just being sent directly down the drain.  Be conscious of the waste and turn the water off once you’ve wet your toothbrush.  Leave the water off until you’re ready to rinse.  Over the course of a year, if you brush your teeth twice a day, you would be saving about 3650 gallons of water.  Think of all the people that could help.

Fix leaky faucets. 

Unfortunately, many of us do not pay much mind to minor leaks in faucets.  However, even those drips add up.  If you’re a homeowner, you pay for water, so every drop does count.  Hire a plumber to fix leaks.  If you’re on the handy side, you might even be able to take care of it yourself!  This money you spend now will save you way more in the long run. A leak detection company like American Efficiency can help detect and find leaks inside walls as well.

Take shorter showers.

Older showerheads can release up to 5 gallons of water per minute.  Nix the luxurious hour-long showers (as calming and relaxing as they may be) and opt for a shorter, more efficient shower to maximize on savings.

Run the dishwasher only when it’s full. 

If you run the dishwasher out of convenience, you’ll be wasting gallons upon gallons of water.  Leave the half loads until the washer is completely full.  You’ll be saving water, saving on your water bill, and electricity from running the smaller loads.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Use every drop.

Learn to repurpose water.  If you’re washing fruit using a colander, put a basin underneath to capture the water.  This water is still clean and can be used to water your garden.  You can do the same with your hot water.  Just leave it out to cool down before using it to water your plants.  You’ll be saving on your water bill, since you’ll be using less hose water.

Go with low flow in your household. 

While this may be a bit more inconvenient and take a little longer to either wash your hands or take a shower, switching to a low flow will make a huge difference.  The bathroom is where the most indoor water use is within your home.  Toilets use about 30% of the average home’s indoor water consumption.  Showering uses about 17% of the average household’s indoor water consumption.  That’s nearly 50% of the total in the bathroom alone.  Save money and conserve water by moving to low flow. Here are 10 water-saving appliances you can install today!

Capture rainwater.

Choose to install a tank or use a drum to capture rainwater.  You can use this water for the garden.  After it rains, be sure to cover up your drum or tank to keep mosquitoes and bugs out.  This water can technically be filtered for indoor use as well with your dishwasher, hand washing the dishes, or even for a bath.

Conserving water is extremely important to our environment.  There are so many areas suffering from a lack of such an essential resource.  Conserving water can also help save energy, save money, and can help protect natural ecosystems and save endangered marine life.  Start taking small steps towards water conservation and help make a major difference in the world.

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