Keeping the Air Conditioning the Best: Your Choices

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Air conditioner is a device that allows you to create comfortable conditions for the person. But if you do not regularly clean the purity, its benefits will be much less than the harm. Therefore, the cleaning of the fan must be resolved in a timely manner.

It’s time to clear the airflow

It is difficult to answer the question of how often the air conditioner is cleaned. As a rule, owners decide on their own, carefully inspect the device and detect pollution not only from the outside, but also from inside the engine blades. However, there are a number of signs that determine the time to clean the device. For the Air Conditioning Athens, GA this is a very important detail.

  • There are unpleasant odors, often moist.
  • Found that the fan started using more energy than before.
  • the inner block delivers a leak;
  • The cooling capacity is considerably lower.
  • When you turn on the device, you hear a crack or other noise.

It is impossible to ignore at least one of the aforementioned signs, otherwise the mechanism may break and some parts, and sometimes the entire device must be replaced. The frequency of the ventilator’s prevention depends on many factors. Not only should the area of the room and the population but also the location of the building be taken into account.

  • The higher is the floor space on which the air conditioner is installed, the less it will be needed to clean. The concentration of air in the upper layers of the air is considerably lower than below.
  • If the building is located in the industrial area or on the road, it is more often required to disassemble the heating and cooling system.

The possible consequences of the ventilation contamination

Even when the air conditioner is cleaned regularly, small particles of dust still fit inside and out, respectively, and clean. If you do not take any measures, contamination may result in the following negative consequences:

Device Reduction Functionality

  • Overheating of the heat exchanger, increased compressor load and, as a consequence, compressor failure.
  • Inflammation, bacteria, and dust in the device that is fraught with lung diseases and other organs of the household.
  • An irritated smell emitted by the appliance.

How to clean the fan yourself?

Before you begin cleaning, you must follow the instructions of the device carefully. Be sure to find information not only about dirt and dust removal, but also on the device system.


Even if you do not understand the air conditioner, you do not need any special skills to clean the filters personally.

  • Open the inner blade cover and carefully remove the parts of the net.
  • Water in the sand absorbs filters.
  • After 30 minutes check whether there is any contamination.
  • In hard areas it is difficult to clean the toothbrush, but it should be done carefully, without pressure.

Wash the water in the water

Gently cleanse the clean parts with a dry cloth, and in the sunny weather just place them on the window until it is completely dry.

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