Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

Published On September 19, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Remodeling

Whilst it might be the dream of many homeowners to have a large, show-home style kitchen, the reality for most people is a kitchen that is much smaller in size. However, a smaller kitchen doesn’t have to be a negative; there are many ways to make a smaller kitchen work for you. Fitted kitchens Colwyn Bay are able to help you maximise the space in your small kitchen. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your small kitchen.

Move Out the Non-Essentials

Most people that haven’t embraced the minimalist style yet will have a number of items in their kitchens that they only use on occasion, not every day. This could be a mixer, set of ‘nice’ plates or even fancy wine glasses. In a smaller kitchen, storage space is prime real-estate so it doesn’t make sense to give priority to items that aren’t being used regularly. Take some time to sort through things and move anything that is non-essential out of the kitchen to be stored elsewhere.

It’s important to remember that just ridding your kitchen of clutter can go a long way to making it seem larger and more functional. Kitchen fitters North Wales can help you realise the potential of your kitchen storage space.

Consider Shelving Instead of Cabinets

Part of living with a small kitchen is helping it to look and feel larger than it really is, as well as making it more comfortable. To this end, consider only using lower cabinets in your kitchen and replacing the uppers with shelving instead. This accomplishes two things; it makes your kitchen seem larger than it is by opening up the space and it gives more versatility in storage options. Cabinets take up more space than they give you; they also have a set number of shelves inside, as well as spacing in between them. Putting up your own shelving means you make the best use of the space available for your needs.

Move Upward for Storage

A lot of homeowners or prospective home buyers look at the floor space available in a small kitchen and miss a lot of opportunities for storage by simply overlooking the walls. There will likely already be some cabinets or shelving installed, but most kitchens still have some unused wall space that could be easily taken advantage of. Storing things on top of cabinet if there is room between them and the ceiling. Investing in pot racks to free up cabinet space, and wall-mounted utensil racks to get things like knives, spices and strainers off the worktops. Use the freed up space to store items that don’t have a home yet.

Invest in Cabinet Organisers

Cabinet organisers can be a complete god-send in small kitchens. Organisers are usually available for every shape and size of drawer and cabinet, enabling you to stack more plates, some can even hold your aluminium foil and plastic wrap, and others can keep those utensils organised. Whatever style of organiser you need, investing in this type of organisation will help you to ensure that your kitchen remains functional and tidy even on tight space.

Having a tiny kitchen doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Just make wise choices about space, optimising what you do have and getting rid of all the clutter that you don’t need. Make the most of your kitchen to start getting more from your home as a whole.


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