Markham, ON Basement Flooding Subsidy Explained

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With the changes seen in the climate, there have been noted changes in the lives of the citizens as well. Many people face a lot of difficulties during the season of frequent rainfall. What’s more alarming is that the pattern of rainfalls is not predictable at all these days. Moreover, the issues get even worse as the prevention done is not sufficient enough. All the people of Markham are encouraged to take preventive steps in order to minimalize the damage caused by basement flooding. For that, the Region has also decided on granting subsidies to families to take these measures in order to ensure that there is minimal damage. For Markham backwater valve rebate read below.

It is recognized that the people living there have no control over the weather and neither do the city officials. They are focused on improving the pipelines and sewer systems throughout the city but this is not sufficient enough if we look at all the cases of basement flooding occurring. This becomes a hindrance and a problem for all the residents. This problem has further encouraged subsidies to get preventive fitting in their systems to minimize the damages of basement flooding. These include subsidies for things like sump pumps or backwater valves. The subsidies given are up to $3400 for each household which is a pretty good amount for a single family and their basement flooding prevention needs.

This is a pretty great step to take in order to prevent the damage which is why everyone is encouraged to register for this program in order to get subsidies. It is important to note that the subsidies are only given for installation and buying of the equipment. This equipment further requires long term maintenance by the families themselves. If we look at it from the point of view of the damage caused then this is definitely a worthy investment. Flooding is something inevitable but what makes it worse are other things such as not enough preventive measures and stuff like cracks and leaks.

All families are encouraged to take steps in order to diminish the damage. They are encouraged to turn off all electric appliances when heavy rainfall is predicted or occurring. They must make sure that all the taps are closed whenever they leave the house. Routine maintenance should be one of the things on top of their priority list so that leaks and cracks do not contribute to the damage done by the floods.

Particular criteria need to be met by homeowners which will make them eligible for the subsidy. These include things like you must not have received a subsidy before. Another thing that you must ensure is that you need to prove that you have had problems with basement flooding such as paperwork from your insurance claims. There are many other things which are in the criteria. You need to ensure that you meet all the requirements in order to get a subsidy.

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