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Let’s first focus on choosing a slab. There is maybe one or more stone yards in your area that have some slab for you to choose from. If you’re lucky you may find a slab showroom close-by, it’s simply an expensive storehouse, where you can walk over the aisles as well as pick one from numerous pieces of quartz for your kitchen.

Visiting a showroom and selecting an actual piece is the very best method to save most of your money. The salesperson will be able to help and guide you towards slabs that fit your budget plan as well as show you more alternatives than any one of the big stores.

The next action is to locate a handful of local installers to compare costs of the finished item.

Converse with each of them, I advise obtaining quotes from at the very least three, as well as let them know that you have a selected slab. After that they’ll review a few options with you, set up an appointment to visit your residence, measure your cabinets, they need to be set up to appropriately measure for countertops, make the slab back at their shop, and return in a couple of weeks to mount it.


The cost of quartz kitchen counters will differ depending on where you live, the stone you select, and if you comparison store to get the best offer.

They are definitely worth the investment, so don’t be afraid to spend a bit more than you first planned on countertops. They essentially “make or break” a kitchen redesign, so being happy with them for the long term is way more vital than saving a few bucks per square foot today.

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