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The earth is moving towards the phase when the climate change will reach its pick due to global warming and all, and there will come a time when all the natural non-renewable energy sources will run out then it will become very difficult to sustain the basic human necessities and basic human life as such.

One of the major problems that will arise because of unavailability of non-renewable energy sources is the lack of power or better to say electricity power thus the consumption of the electricity must be cut down to a great extent. Thus in this situation when the changes are inevitable, you must switch over to more environmentally friendly and less electricity consuming light and tube options such as led and green lights, for example, High Bay ( โคม ไฮ เบ ย์, which is the term in Thai), LEDs and all.

Thinklite- thinking about the future of LEDs

In Thailand, one of the major companies Thinklite has come up with its wide range of LED lights like High Bay, bulbs, tubes, Streetlamp, etc. The major advantages of these lights are that they consume less electricity, the heat accumulation of these lights is much less, the parts of the lights Specially tubes and bulbs are also less which makes it very easy to assemble and thus the shelf life and overall life increases drastically.

Street lamp price (  ราคา โคม ไฟ ถนน, which is the term in Thai) from the house of Thinklite is much less thus it makes them much more economically viable for common uses and thus can be taken up by urban and rural local bodies. The lights and tubes and bulbs from Thinklite is much more environment-friendly than most of the other options available in the market today. So if you are in Thailand and thinking of going green with lights like tubes and bulbs and lamps, then Thinklite is your answer to all that question.

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