New Roof Installation- Why you should call an expert instead of DIY?

Published On June 28, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

It is the time for roof replacement and you want to do it yourself. You may be tempted after seeing the online videos of DIY for every new project like how to replace a gutter or how to shingle your roof. But installing a new roof is a big project. You may find DIY, friendly to your pocket, but this job may prove to be disastrous. Hence, you should call an expert like roofing repair Hamilton by D’Angelo Roofing for installing your new roof. Here are the reasons why you should call an expert and not try DIY projects in roof repair:

  1. You may incur extra cost instead of saving it:

Installing a new roof is a big decision and involves a lot of cost to it. Therefore, you may be tempted to save the labor charges by installing it yourself. You may replace a few worn or missing shingles but entire roof replacement, calls a professional who can spot the problem areas and can identify the roof damage. You may fail to spot the exact problem area. Under such circumstances, you may incur an extra cost by hiring a pro to replace your work. Professional experts will exactly identify the damage in a cost-effective way.

  1. You lose the warranty:

For a new roof replacement, there is a warranty against the materials that should serve within the roof’s lifespan. However, the warranty will hold only if a licensed roofer will handle the repair. Even replacing the shingles will void the warranty. This way you have to pay out of pocket for additional repairs in the future. For example, if a bad storm damages your entire roof, you may end up paying the full price in the future, instead of saving money in the long term. Therefore, to prevent paying the full price in the future, avoid DIY roof repairs, even for small repairs.

  1. It is risky and can cause accidents:

Roof replacement is a risky job. It involves hazards like climbing a height, deep sloping surfaces, and power tools. DIY may involve lots of risks and can cause accidents. This may be dangerous to life also. Professional experts handle this repair with the tools and equipment and have years of experience in doing this kind of job. Further, damaged roofs involve cracks, leakages, etc so, don’t take a life risk, instead call a professional.

  1. DIY is not a quality job done:

Roof repair professionals use premium quality products, have high performance, and have years of experience in handling such jobs in a professional way. They provide long-lasting protection. Locally purchase materials may not be of premium quality and therefore, may not have the same finish, features, and benefits. You may also not be able to install it properly. Therefore, it is always advisable to call an expert instead of opting DIY.

  1. You may take up more time:

DIY tutorials may look an easy job but when you actually do it, they are time-consuming and very tiring. Experts like roofing repair Hamilton by D’Angelo Roofing have knowledge and experience to handle the jobs more quickly and saves your time.

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