Orange County Window Cleaning Tips for A Cleaner Home

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Everyone wants to come home to the fresh scent of a newly cleaned house. It is one of the small pleasures that we can actually achieve and keeps us excited about going home especially if you are living alone. The thing is, having to go solo means having less time to do the things that you need to make sure that every inch of your house is spot free. So, how exactly can you make sure that your home is a place you’ll wanna keep coming back to despite all the time that you have to spend on work and socializing with your peers? Short answer is, hire help as there are plenty of services abound such as Orange County Window Cleaning. But for everyone else looking forward to tackling on the problem on their own, here are a few tips for cleaning your abode when you are living alone.

Orange County Window Cleaning Tip #1: Air it Out

It might surprise you just how much smell has to do with how the overall pleasantness of any room. A study conducted concluded that at least 90% of adults answered that they prefer a fragrant home over an organized one. When you think about it, we would not have to worry about the sight of our place once we do the most crucial thing we do in every living space – and that is when we are sleeping. Close your eyes, and all the mess is kept out of your mind. On the other hand, a smelly room will come for you even when you are dream-deep in your slumber.

To air out your house, what you are gonna need to do is to open as many entrances to your house as possible. A good airing out of 30 minutes or so in a day is sure to improve the air quality of your home and get rid of any stale smell that could build up if left for days. However, you should be careful that you are not letting in any uninvited strangers, human or not, into your home. You would not want to replace your stale house smell with a smelly cat or rat. And you would not want to invite burglars over.

And finally, you need to air out your room because the smell of your place can easily stick to you through the clothes that you wear and other things that you bring with you. And what is more dangerous is that the more you stay in a smelly place, the more you are likely to normalize the smell. This means that you lose the ability to discern the smelliness of your house. You could be out there smelling as if you are fresh and all, but little did you know that you have been smelling like your house all along.

Orange County Window Cleaning Tip #2: Throw it All Out

In a perfect world, everything that you do not need anymore would magically turn into cinder and disappear. Unfortunately, we live in the real world where everything you do not need will pile up and make a mess of the place you call home. The quick remedy here is to make sure that you have enough garbage removal apparatus such as garbage bags, garbage cans, brooms, and vacuums then simply do a routine sweep of the entire house. A good idea is to use your brooms to clean up your house everyday then vacuum the place every week. This remedy, would work but there is one more thing that you can do to ease this constant process. If you have to worry about getting rid of all the trash that accrues in your house, consider reducing the trash that you introduce inside in the first place. For instance, consider bringing your own containers, such as eco bags, or tupperwares so you would not have to bring in single use plastic bags to your home. And additionally, you will be doing mother nature a favor by limiting the footprint.

What happens when you leave all the trash inside the house and letting it stay there for a while? Basically, trash is an invitation for critters to come live with you. And we are talking about roaches, rats, and even pigeons. Thus, making it even harder to maintain cleanliness in your home. Make sure that you put away all the trash so you would not have to deal with a bigger problem brought upon by other things that they bring.

Orange County Window Cleaning Tip #3: Take It One at a Time

When doing cleaning, and normally anything in life, it pays to divide and conquer the task at hand. This of ways that you can distribute the workload throughout a certain period of time. For example, you can choose to divide the tasks based on which part of the house you are cleaning. Then you can decide to clean each one on specific days within the week. This way you will not be burned out while cleaning as you have limited your cleaning time to a period that you can consume within the day. Make sure that you stop when you finish what you set out to do because nothing feels more tiring than knowing how much work there is to be done even after you have completed the task that you are supposed to do.

The order of cleaning is important when using this method. You should clean in a way which limits having to go back and repeat cleaning of areas all over again. If, for example, you have to clean both the toilet and the floors. You know you have to reuse the toilet at some point to clean the floors because you are gonna have to deal with a dirty mop one way or another. In this case, clean the floors first at a certain period, then clean the toilet so no mess is left after all is said and done.

It is important to keep in mind that the order at which you are cleaning your place will make or break the final result of your cleaning. Keep a list, adhere to it and make sure to make alterations should you find a better solution from what you are already executing.

Orange County Window Cleaning Tip #3: Keep Things in Storage

Some champion having less items inside his or her inventory. This has become a fad that people call minimalism. Indeed, it has its allure as most people that have tried it have been completely satisfied with the decluttering experience. For people that cannot afford to throw out a lot of stuff however, you can always cling on storage to make sure that you will not have to buy stuff over and over again. Think of the box where you put all the stuff that you do not need but just cannot throw away. Whoever you are, you know what we are talking about as is the norm to people who live along. Memories for single people are more precious than to the ones who have families with them. So how exactly can you keep the stuff that you do not throw away while avoiding unnecessary clutter in your place?

Well, the answer is quite simple – storage. There are two ways you can handle this, for small stuff like costumes, party stuff, some clothes you are not able to wear for various reasons, you can always keep them in an attic somewhere, or even in your lower closet. That is if you have that space to fit them all in. But if you do not, then one option is to rent a storage unit as there are a lot of these throughout most cities. The key here is ensuring that you do not have to rummage through a ton of unused stuff whenever you are looking for something.

But, what if you cannot afford renting a storage unit, and at the same time, you do not have enough space in your place for storage? Well, you might have to sell stuff as an option, and throw them out as a last resort. This might be painful to some but if you are only keeping a bulky item just for the sentiment of it. Then you are better off taking a small part of it and keeping that instead. For example, you can keep a button off of your favorite shirt or you can take one of the badges of a bag. There is certainly no need for keeping an entire sofa set just because it is the first ever furniture that you have ever bought.


Orange county window cleaning believes that you should keep your windows clean as spot free as possible. If the eyes are the windows through a man’s soul, then what does that make the actual windows to a man’s house. Keep your windows clean and make sure that you wake up looking at the beautiful county without any spec of worry.

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