Plumbing Issues and how to avoid them

Published On April 27, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

It is well known that with many things, prevention is better than a cure – this also applies to your plumbing works. If regular maintenance is not up kept, then minor issues can breed and grow into expensive replacements or repairs down the line.

The best preventative measures to take are to learn the common plumbing issues which can occur and what steps you can take to keep them at bay. To that end, here are some of the most regular plumbing problems and how to avoid them:

Inferior Water Pressure

If the issue here is internal, then you can fix or avoid this by keeping fixtures and appliances to a minimum. However, in some cases the cause can in fact originate from outside the home.

Blocked Drains

This is probably THE number one plumbing problem – I don’t think anyone has had the pleasure of a lifetime of unclogged drains. To avoid this issue, be sure to use rubbish disposal and sink strainers, but also ensure you’re not pouring thick substances down the drain, such as excess oil from a cooking pan. In these cases, wipe the excess oil/food etc. from the pans, plates or utensils before letting them soak in the sink or putting them in the dishwasher.

Toilet Blockage

The sinking feeling and soul-filled panic you endure as you watch the water creep up the toilet bowl after flushing is definitely something we all want to avoid. The cause of this issue is actually often less sinister than one might think.

Often people think that beauty or sanitary products such as face/baby wipes, tampons, etc. can be flushed effectively down the toilet when, in actual fact, they should be disposed of elsewhere. Be sure to check the labels of products before flushing them and if in doubt- throw it out!

Problematic Faucets

Have you ever experienced the mind-numbing monotonous sound of a dripping tap that just won’t… shut…off… No matter how tightly you turn it?! This is often a simple fix of needing a new washer (the small object which seals your pipe) as they may have become damaged over time. To avoid this in the first place, have them checked periodically and avoid it all together!

Leaking Pipes

This is something with many possible causes. It may sound like a small and benign issue, but if left, leaky pipes can lead to catastrophic household damage such as increased humidity and/or flooding damage and all of their knock on effects. To prevent such damage, be sure to have your pipes check periodically, particularly around winter months when the cold weather can wreak havoc.

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