Safety Measures When Handling High Rise Abseiling

Published On April 3, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

During abseiling, rope handling requires vigilance and organization. All relay manoeuvres must be carried out alongside.

If possible, take alternative routes that do not involve a reminder.

  • Always use at least two reliable anchor points (except in the case of a good sized tree).
  • Check harnesses, carabineers, anchors, knots, and straps before descending, even if your partner has already done so.
  • Always descend with a self-locking knot and a belay system mechanism.
  • Be careful about long hair and loose clothing that might be caught when going down in the belay device.
  • Make sure there is no rope friction on the rock for easy recovery. Keep the rope away from sharp edges and cracks.
  • Bind a knot to the ground at each end of the rope. At least 50 centimeters from the end, on each strand, an eight-node or fisherman’s knot.
  • Equalize the strand length.
  • Undo the knots after the recall before pulling the rope.
  • Position yourself for a reminder
  • Follow the relay with a dynamic lanyard, with the upper part of the lanyard. Place the blocking device or self-locking knot directly on the trigger guard.
  • Install the belay device on the central part of the lanyard, install the ropes in the belay system and check that it is working properly.
  • Make a final check before releasing the relay definitively.
  • This gives both hands under the descender, which allows better control of the descent.

Steps to Take During the Descent

Take steps down from the foot of the tip to the heel, simulating a step backward without jumping, which keeps a continuous contact with the wall.

Optimize Communication Within Your Team

After spending hours climbing, we are tired, and we just want to go home! Linking lengths of reminders can take a long time, and if an error is made rope stuck; for example, it can become very problematic. It is, therefore, necessary to remain focused and, in order to optimize handling and gain a few precious minutes at each relay, limit communication to a minimum.

Communicate with Your Teammate Using Previously Defined Expressions

In so many cases, the only words to use are ROPE FREE. When I am in the lower relay, and my teammate can start down and ROPE. To prevent strings below me when I throw my rope. High rise abseiling can be tricky but the main thing is always to remain focused, so clear your mind, and you are free to go.

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