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Published On May 1, 2019 | By Ellina Willson | Home Improvement

If you decide to invite a brigade of workers who need to assemble a kitchen to get home or to an apartment, first you need to prepare the room. This must be done so that their work is not hampered by anything, as well as to reduce the pay of their labor. The final result of their work depends on it. For the perfect Kitchen Installation this is important.

The Importance

The most important thing is that the room is free and there are no extraneous pieces of furniture in it. It is also advisable to take out all the electrical appliances from the kitchen, this will save them from accidental damage.

The Installations for You

Basically, the installation of a kitchen unit is carried out in areas where major repairs have already been carried out. It is convenient to mount the kitchen, if the walls are aligned, the floors are covered and wallpaper hung. When the walls are not aligned, it is very difficult to hang up the cabinets and adjust the fittings, and uneven floors also make it difficult to adjust the furniture in height, all the more so if there is a repair and flooring in the future, the headsets will be uneven. We employ only professionals in their field who can cope with any task. This will help us stripe bars and other ways. It should be noted that the kitchen cannot be installed on the walls of plasterboard or asbestos cement sheet. Only on the supporting walls can hang cabinets. Given all these factors, you can provide a comfortable environment for furniture assemblers. With the proper support in painting and decorating this happens to be a very tedious work and you need the right handyman for that.

It is worth noting that if the kitchen was purchased in a store, there should be an instruction for it, which should be provided to the master. If the furniture was made to order, then provide a sketch to understand – where what part should be hung and installed to avoid unpleasant nuances.

Communications preparation

Before the team of employees starts installing the kitchen, you will need to connect all utilities, plumbing, electricity, gas and sewage systems and put them into operation to check their serviceability. If you have hidden communications, you need to report this to the master. Since the installation of the kitchen almost immediately installed sink, you will need to purchase all the accessories to connect it.

At your request, the specialist can connect you to such devices as a washing machine or dishwasher, electric or gas stove, as well as the hood. You need to make sure that all components for the assembly of devices are in complete set. Also, if the kitchen is large in size and the washing machine and dishwasher are at a distance from communications such as plumbing and sanitary, it will be necessary to purchase special hoses in advance in order to connect appliances. To do this, it is necessary that wiring and sockets be installed at the connection points. If you do not have this, then you need to inform the master in advance. Also, when ordering for the assembly of furniture, you can invite our electrician, who will do everything correctly in a short period of time in advance, and the kitchen will be assembled according to a planned schedule, without overlays.

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