Smart Options for the Proper Air Purification

Published On April 23, 2019 | By Ellina Willson | Home Improvement

With an air cleaner you can improve the air quality in your home. This makes the living environment in the home more pleasant and you can also reduce health problems. But how well the air cleaner can clean the air depends on how it is used. There are several things you can do to make the use of an air purifier in your home as effective as possible. We are happy to tell you more about using an air cleaner effectively. Through the Winix air purifier reviews you will be able to have the best deals here.

Making effective use of an air cleaner

Place the air cleaner in a central location. Of course it is not always possible to place an air cleaner in the middle of the room. Often that is not very practical. But do place an air cleaner in as central a place as possible.

At least 20 cm away from a wall or furniture item

Always leave the air cleaner on. Only if an air cleaner is always on will the air become and remain as clean as possible. By moving the air, for example through an open window, an opening door or people moving, dust is always moved again. This substance will be removed by the air cleaner. In addition, when an air cleaner is switched off when the air is clean, the air quality then decreases again. To maintain optimum air quality, it is important to always keep the air cleaner on.

  • Choose the highest setting. And air cleaner makes noise. Therefore, choose to turn the air cleaner on at maximum when you are not in the room. If you do go into space and suffer from the noise, you can lower it.
  • Do not ventilate too much. Even with an air cleaner it is important to ventilate. Because this increases the amount of oxygen in the room. But if it ventilates too much, the air cleaner cannot handle the amount of new air. Therefore never open two windows or doors in the room at the same time, creating drafts.
  • Clean the pre-filter regularly. The pre-filter of an air cleaner collects the largest parts from the air. If this filter is full, the entire air cleaner no longer works properly. It is therefore good to clean this filter every week. You can use a vacuum cleaner for this.

Replace the filters regularly. The filters are the most important parts of an air cleaner. If these are no longer in good condition, the air filter will no longer work properly. A filter lasts for about one year, although it depends on how dirty the air is that is being cleaned. The air cleaners indicate when a filter needs to be replaced.

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