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Published On May 25, 2019 | By Ellina Willson | Home Improvement

Standing desks have a huge demand in the modern workplaces, and furniture manufacturers know it. This explains why you can find standing desks costing as less as $100 and as much as $3000. However, the secret is to know how much you should put in so that you can have maximum benefits from your investment.

In this review, we shall look at the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 so that you can see how exceptional it is and decide whether it fits your needs and preferences.


Five colors, three designs, and three platform colors

2 types of motorized systems

Home Edition has a lifting capacity of 220 lbs. with a speed of 1’’ per second

Business Edition has a lifting capacity of 300 lbs. with a speed of 2.3 inches per second

Come with a 30’’ deep desk ideal for the roomy setup


The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is powered by 1 or 2 motors that ensure the desk raises quickly without wobbles. Specifically, the desk come in several colors as well as 3 distinct designs. They include the classic a rounded rectangle measuring 53’’by 30’’, the Ergonomic having the same size but has a cutout and business edition exclusive classic measuring 70 by 53 inches.

The main difference between Business and Home Editions is that the Business Edition comes with two motors whereas Home Edition comes with one motor. This makes raising and lowering the desk much easier.

When it comes to colors for the surface material, you can select between white, black, bamboo, walnut and light oak and black, white or grey for the platforms. Note that not all colors and designs come together and so you will need to refer to the customization section of SmartDesk 2 to ensure you get what you want.

On the front of your desk, you will find the panel with four presets, up and down buttons and also the memory button allowing you to set your preferred position. They are push buttons and controls the whole system quite easily. Also, if need be, there are two holes where you can pass cables.


As you may be aware, you will need to start by assembling the desk on its platform. After ordering your desk you will receive 2 boxes because each component is shipped on a separate box. The process of assembling is straightforward and should take you very minimal time. The whole process will take you less than 20 minutes and the only hard thing is aligning everything as expected.


The primary goal of a standing desk is to enable you to work while standing. However, the most important thing is how effective you will be while working in this position. Therefore, the things you should consider is speed and precision. SmartDesk 2 rises at a speed of 2.3’’/second and retains its stability. With this desk, you can hold the UP/DOWN button slightly to adjust and get the right height for you.


This is indeed a good standing desk not just because of its low cost but because it offers all the qualities that you see on standing desks costing over $1000. The installation is effortless, and it will take you less than 20 minutes to install. It comes in different colors allowing you to customize your desk as you would prefer.

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