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Published On June 12, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

The assignment of an assignment that concerns the construction of a new building, especially of a residential type, also involves the intervention on the free areas connected to it within the lot itself, whether it concerns the small arrangement of a courtyard, both interventions on wider grounds such as gardens or parks, in the discipline that is called landscape architecture and that many also call garden architecture. The Landscape Architect happens to be the best person there.

But what is landscape architecture?

Landscape architecture is a branch of architecture that deals with the design of open spaces and garden architecture.

The design of the greenery is therefore based on a strongly naturalistic component, in which the landscape is transformed through the working of the land and the arrangement of plant species, according to a project that contains aesthetic and functional components, using techniques and materials that are as natural as possible.

Designing green, therefore, involves specific knowledge, linked to natural sciences, which the designer does not always possess. For this reason it is always advisable to rely on professional figures such as agronomists and landscapers who know how to realize what the designer has developed, in line with the client’s wishes.

Already with regard to the preliminary design by the designer of the building, it is essential to have a broad and global vision of the work, which also includes the open space.

Design the building in a continuous dialogue with the external area, for example through the correct positioning of the openings that frame a particular foreshortening of the garden , or favor the entry of light and air , preferring the view over green spaces rather than cemented, implies a correct redefinition of the urban landscape , respecting the context in which it operates.

  • Subsequently, the task of the landscape architect, working in synergy with the architect, is to shape the external space, on the Client’s indication.
  • In the design of the green, in fact, as well as for the buildings, it is important to know how to grasp the customer’s needs, translating all the desires that the client expresses into usable spaces.

From here a green path leads to the terraces, made at the express request of the client, which have been designed to constitute “islands” immersed in nature, sometimes with a small vegetable garden, sometimes with aromatic plants.

The wooded area located to the north-east of the villa, a privileged vantage point of the entire property, has simply been cleaned, the plants have been adequately pruned and controlled, in order to keep a part of the garden completely natural .

Another fundamental point in the design of the green is the use of native plants , that is linked to the geographical area in which they originated and where they developed links with the other components of the ecosystem.

For this project in particular we tried to preserve the trees and shrubs already present in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčintervention, going only later to integrate with new species, according to a well-defined landscaping project , also considering the privacy requirements of the use of the green .

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