Telling Signs That You Need to Replace Your Wood Fence

Published On June 7, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

Like human beings, wood fences also have a limited life span. Their life will get extended with proper care and maintenance from your side, but it will definitely come to an end. Reputed Austin Fence Companies have stated of few signs that any owner can look out for and know that they need to change the fence. Here are some signs that you need to check for

  • The first telltale signs are that the fence starts losing its structural integrity and starts leaning dramatically. Minor leaning due to the brunt of wind and rain damage can be rectified by adjustment, but if the bent is happening at multiple sections; modifications will not serve the purpose. Replacing the fence would be a better idea.
  • With age, the wood starts to change color. The intense heat of the sun and the wet seasons allow plenty of moisture to seep inside the wood and starts decaying it. Consequently, the wood begins to lose its color. It loses its brightness and starts taking a dull and ashy hue or even a yellow discoloration if it has been painted white. It is a sign of damage and should be replaced.
  • Wood being wood starts to decay, and you see telltale signs of it rotting. They have sealants and preservatives on them, but they do not last forever. Gradually water penetration happens, and decay starts rapidly. You simply cannot repair them. It’s better to replace them.
  • Over time, the cost of repairing the fence simply does not make sense. It develops numerous issues like the missing fasteners, loose connections, cracked or broken boards, few panels missing from the fence, splintered woods, holes in the wood, and many such problems. It would definitely make the repairs costly and still would not last long. It is wiser to replace the fence.

Proper maintenance extends the lifespan of a fence but replacing it at the right time saves plenty of hassles.


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