The Best Movers For A Smooth Moving Experience

Published On December 12, 2020 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

Are you moving soon? Then you can lug everything yourself with the help of friends and family. However, don’t you feel like it and would you like to have your belongings moved by a moving company? Then you have a wide choice of all kinds of moving companies that would like to move your belongings. You will probably even get pamphlets in your letterbox if it says sold on the sales signs in your house.

But where exactly do you pay attention to choosing the right mover? Find tips for choosing the right moving company here.

Recognized removal company or not?

Is the moving company that is calling you recognized or not? At recognized movers, the movers are trained to be a mover and you do not have to deal with, for example, students who have to move your valuables. A recognized mover is also insured against damage to the household effects, often up to 100,000 dollars.

Compare quotations

Invite a number of moving companies to have an inventory taken and a quotation drawn up. The inventory does not take very long, and you can then choose which price you find attractive. The moving companies also present themselves during the inventory.

For example, one person leaves a folder with extra information and the other leaves only a business card. Want to know more about it? Feel free to visit to find reviewed moving companies in Singapore and compare quotes.

Is there a moving lift?

Let the companies include all kinds of options in their quotation. How much does the move cost if you pack everything yourself? How much does the disassembly and assembly of bulky items such as beds and cupboards cost? Can a lift be used if you live high up? By including these things separately, you will see different prices and you can decide for yourself what you think is a good price for everything to be packed or not.

Pay attention to the extras

What perks does the moving company offer? Does the price include mattress covers, volume boxes for pillows and duvets, painting boxes, book boxes, ordinary moving boxes? How should you pack cutlery, plates and glassware? How do you transport plants? Are there special boxes for this? Are blankets used? These are all important questions that you can ask when preparing the quotation.

In addition, there are additional options such as storage of the things. For example over the weekend, so pack everything on Friday and pay it off on Monday. This can be useful if you are still doing odd jobs and do not cost a lot of extra money.

Additional costs for the distance

This tip is for people who are moving over a greater distance. How much does it cost for the distance? Is it a fixed price or a kilometer price? Different companies will charge different costs for this.

Don’t wait too long

Choose the right mover well in advance. If you call 4 weeks in advance, you run the risk that the day you have in mind to move is already full. Busy days and periods are; the last days of each month and the months of June, July and August. This of course has everything to do with canceling the rent or ending the mortgage on the old house and the fact that it is more often dry and light for longer in the summer months.


Get well-informed by the various moving companies. Do you want a reliable moving company? Then choose one that is recognized.Think carefully in advance how you want the move yourself and don’t wait too long with choosing and planning the moving day.

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