The Best Way to Get Your Home or Business Uncluttered

Published On April 1, 2019 | By Paul Petersen | Home Improvement

“Life Uncluttered” has enlarging areas for both Kansas City homes as well as businesses beginning in 2003. They have totally changed closets, pantries, laundry rooms, home offices and garages. They also have worked with business owners, and contractors in such areas as multi-unit apartments, work areas, supply rooms and executive closets. They always start with one mission in mind; to develop customers pleased enough with our work they would approve us to their family and friends in Kansas City. Life Uncluttered is also known as Kansas City Custom Closets.


The two biggest obstacles to becoming organized are money and time. Customers rarely have enough of either. But that is where this company shines.

Closet experts

Life Uncluttered are the Kansas City’s area experts on closet organization. When your house is ordered, you feel calmer and much more in control. From laundry rooms, to closets, to pantries, to offices and garages, whatever space you need to tame down, we have the skills to help you with a solution.

Uncluttered pantry

An uncluttered and organized, pantry is a “must have” currently. You don’t need to reach for shelves ending up a messy floor that you can’t even see. With a Life Uncluttered custom-made pantry, they can give you place for all the boxes, cans, and every kitchen item you possess.


Currently kitchens have become that gathering place for friends and family. This company offers 10 different colours/wood hues to match most decors. Together with an organized pantry that is the envy of everyone that sees it. Shelves that are adjustable allow you to use the least amount of space as well as gain more amount of organization. Baskets that slide out and shelves are accessible, adding convenience to your reach. They can even install slat wall for those items like mops, and brooms can be stored.

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