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Published On July 11, 2019 | By Ellina Willson | Gardening

Planting in the autumn, plants like thoughts, will bring happiness to your outdoor space in the months that have less hours of light. Thoughts are plants with very colorful and happy flowers.

It is also a good time of year to plant some bulbs, already grown with leaves and flowers. We recommend the Cyclamen, as they can also bring a lot of life to the terraces and gardens with their red, white, lily, and pink colors.

In the autumn months planting trees and shrubs in our garden will give us a great result, since they will not undergo dehydration and the roots will take the Earth with force. This is due to the environmental temperature and humidity of the soil that are most suitable for this type of gardening work. With the landscape architecture this is a very important deal.

If we make the seed of the lawn during October and November we will get the seed to slicing faster.

Planting in autumn has a number of advantages, the most important are:

  • Pests are smaller than in spring or summer.
  • Epoch of abundant rains that save us from irrigation.
  • In cold months, it is not necessary to use so many fertilizers.

Below we give you a series of tips to give life to the patio of your house, making your home connect with nature.

Division by zones

A tendency that is increasingly applied to the outer areas of the home is to create spaces for different purposes.

  • A part of the patio, with a wooden platform or pergola, will give us a cozy place to eat.
  • On the other hand, a landscaped space, or where we give more importance to the presence of plants, will allow us to relax and enjoy our natural corner in the home.

Get enlarged your yard

If we place two levels in the yard, we will visually enlarge our space and make the most of it. This feeling of greater amplitude is achieved by placing clear elements at the bottom of the patio and using those darker decorative elements in the center of space. In addition to elements, we can achieve a great result if we place several plants of light colors and small leaf. If you want to optimize your outdoor space, we recommend that you contact us, your patio will become a unique place according to the personality you want to give to your home!

Having enjoyed our outdoor spaces throughout the summer, in September we will have to prepare our outdoor spaces for the fall. Next we leave you some advice on what to do in your outdoor spaces in September.

Maintenance plants on the terrace in September

This month they begin to lower the temperatures but not enough to neglect the ages, this month may be still there. It is necessary to use some preventative treatment for the leaves and the new shoots that appear this month.

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