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Published On April 8, 2019 | By Ellina Willson | Home Improvement

Enhance your home’s bathrooms in an instant with a touch of luxury from the brand-new, highly anticipated Pigeon and Poodle collection at Belle and June. A brand that focuses on the details within an interior space to ensure that every finishing touch is beautiful, you’ll find bathroom accessories from full collection sets to simple luxe add-ons.

Whether you’ve opted for a sleek modern home with luxury accessories or need to inject a touch of minimalism to the details of your personal taste, the Pigeon and Poodle bathroom accessories collection plays with natural textures and aesthetics to give each interior space it fills the perfect final extras.

Pigeon and Poodle Bathroom Necessities

From soap dispensers and laundry hampers to complete sets of bathroom essentials when it comes to the things that need to be in your bathroom, why accept anything other than luxury? With Pigeon and Poodle, you don’t have to.

Offering unique and contemporary choices, find essential bathroom accessories in everything from on-trend rattan to pearlized herringbone.

Pigeon and Poodle Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom essentials are must-have items, but it’s the additional details inside a finished bathroom décor that really exude your own personal sense of style.

Adding luxury beach-inspired sand picture frames to a window sill or storage unit can bring the ambience of the outside into the room in a neutral and subtle way or create a feature with alternative luxury storage ideas.

Pigeon and Poodle Towels

When it comes to choosing just the right towels for a newly decorated bathroom, colour, texture, print and quality are all important factors.

Crafting plush, luxury towelling with a super-soft finish is at the heart of Pigeon and Poodle’s towel design, offering the perfect accessory to complete a luxurious bathtub. Choose between minimal white towels or muted tones in greys and blue.

If you’re craving the final few pieces of home décor to create the perfect relaxing sanctuary for your home’s bathrooms, the ideas within the Pigeon and Poodle collection are sure to inspire you. Bringing together contemporary and minimalist designs with the use of natural fabrics, textures and palettes, give your bathroom the luxe finish you’ve always desired.  

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