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Before the groundbreaking ceremony, there is a careful planning in the circle of all future users, in which the ideas and wishes should be discussed exactly. Is the destination more of a large family terrace or should a cozy corner for two arise? The answer to these and other questions is decisive for the further planning process:

  • How many people should have space on the terrace?
  • Is it more a place for the evening sun or breakfast?
  • Should the terrace be more like a dining room or an outdoor living room?
  • Will the new terrace be your barbecue area?
  • Are there any height differences that need to be considered?

The Right Size

The first key data for the planning result from the needs of the users and the basic conditions. Of course this starts with the size: with the number of people and the use as a dining area, the minimum size of the terrace grows.

So a family dining place for 6 to 8 people should not be smaller than 12 square meters. This corresponds to an area of ​​3 x 4 meters, only the pure seating area is taken into account, areas for bucket decorations or the barbecue must be supplemented. Here you can help to increase the size of the terrace through gravel or gravel surface, where bucket, grill and hose carts can be placed. You can have the smartest deals with the Augusta, GA now.

Of course, more space also means more comfort and flexibility a depth of 4 meters is recommended and when used as an outdoor living room with deep couch furniture the minimum depth.

Shape and Atmosphere: Square, Practical, Good

If the dimensions are fixed, pencil and paper come into play. Now the basic form of the terrace is planned, in the scale proportioning plans of the land (cadastre) and the ground floor with the windows and door openings help.

The House Is the Clock

In the design of small garden plots and the terrace design on large plots of land, the architecture of the house is the deciding factor, their shapes and axes should be incorporated into the design of the outdoor areas.

Setting the garden or the terrace in contrast to the house architecture is basically possible, but requires a high degree of sensitivity for forms and their effect.

But it is no less exciting and often more effective to form a harmonious unity of home and garden. See the house as a painting to which the terrace or the garden should be the appropriate frame. House axes, right angles or striking façade structures with symmetrically arranged windows and doors can be incorporated very nicely into the terrace design and make geometrical forms very interesting. Planted raised beds at the end of the window axis, meaningful verge of the terrace edges or a water feature in the terrace corner which is also visible from the living room make seemingly uniform parallels and right angles to individual terrace experiences.


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