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Published On June 12, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

Minimalist clearly structured and sparingly planted: Modern garden design captivates with geometric lines and reduced colors. For a harmonious overall picture, however, skillful garden architecture is required: Read below the best Augusta, GA design tips and ideas for modern garden design from our garden practice.

Clear structure for your dream garden

Whether new or redesign of your garden – the whole thing begins with a well-thought-out basic structure. Modern garden design thrives on a clever garden planning, in which nothing is left to chance: the concept includes not only the garden paths and veranda, but also the selection of suitable building materials and plants. Basically, the following applies,Less is more.

Stone and gravel as preferred materials

In recent years, garden planners have increasingly opted for low-maintenance pebble and rock gardens – and with good reason: they require comparatively little care (especially if you lay a weed fleece underneath the gravel layer) and look good even in spring – you need lawn damage after the winter so does not be afraid.

Of course, you do not have to do without lawn planning: The combination of:

  • sparingly planted rock garden
  • well-kept lawns
  • straightforward ways
  • accurately cut hedges

is almost ideal typical for the current gardening and landscaping and opens up a great deal of scope for the implementation of your individual garden ideas.

Terrace design as the centerpiece of modern gardens

During the summer months, the veranda becomes the second living room – which is why it is also at the center of garden planning. The classic tiles have long since served as floor coverings for the terrace; Natural stone, concrete slabs or wood, on the other hand, make them a visual highlight. Polyrattan garden furniture in the lounge style provides the necessary feel-good factor and also have an extremely high quality.

Even when planting is less

Lush, colorful flowerbeds are perfect for English cottage gardens – the current horticulture relies instead on reduced plant diversity: Robust shrubs and grasses characterize the overall picture; Shrubs and hedge plants serve as privacy shields for sensitive garden areas such as pool and sauna. By special flowers and growth forms (e.g. umbrella-shaped or columnar growing)

Bonsai forms of different shrubs for a special eye-catcher.

Ideal is a collection of plants in different shades of green for a smooth color scheme. Through flowering climbing plants or roses in the planter you set targeted color accents that are sparingly set to best advantage and require significantly less garden maintenance than a large bed.

Natural pools are very trendy

Even in the modern garden design water has a permanent place – instead of garden pond and wells, however, today water facilities with utility: A natural pool with its clear lines is made for contemporary garden architecture, the wooden deck fits perfectly into the material concept of natural stone slabs.

Similar to a swimming pond , it offers chemical-free bathing pleasure, but requires less floor space and is therefore also suitable for smaller gardens – for example, by connecting it directly to the terrace via stairs . Together with a modern pergola or gazebo, it becomes an “open-air bathroom” – there are no limits to your design wishes.

Design of small gardens

Where space is lacking, elaborate concepts with exciting garden details are in demand – as in the case of the front garden design: a low garden wall made of natural stone ensures structure without hermetically closing off the front garden; Pebble beds with sparse planting (e.g. book or bamboo) are inviting and well maintained.

In densely built-up cities, large gardens are increasingly in short supply but of course we have a solution ready and make of necessity a virtue: Through intensive green roofs we move your garden easily on the roof and realize your garden dreams where you from the prying eyes the neighbors are protected.


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