Tips on How to Prepare for Fence Installation

Published On March 27, 2019 | By Ellina Willson | Home Improvement


Fences are installed for reasons like privacy, security, safety, decoration, block noise, and more. For this there will be many things to consider like the material, local fence codes, climate, purpose, maintenance, budget and hiring the local fence manufacturer.

After getting all these aspects right it is time for fence installation. Preparation for fence installation needs teamwork both from homeowners and fence installer, so as to complete the project smoothly.

In Nashville, fencing requirements are controlled by metropolitan zoning regulations. Therefore, discuss with experts at Nashville Fence Company about zoning rules and local ordinances effecting fences.

Tips on how to prepare for fence installation

Determine the property lines

Fencing symbolizes ownership, so first determine your property lines, especially if you don’t have any at the moment. It is necessary to be familiar with the precise property borders prior fence is installed.

Discuss with neighbors about new fence

Discuss about the new fence installation with neighbors as the installers may need to be on their property side during installation. Alert your neighbors about the installation date and time, so they can keep their kinds and pets inside.

Clear trees and debris

Clear the area, where fence installation will take place. Shrubs, debris, and trees must be cleared to make space for the new fence installation.

Move things lying around

If there is anything leaning against or attached to a current fence then move it prior fence installers arrive. Obviously, they will remove the objects but it can add to labor cost as well as delay installation process. Move pool accessories, ladders, kids playing equipment and anything lying around, so it does not hinder the installation of the fence.

Keep your kids and pets inside

Just as you discussed with your neighbors to secure their kids and pets in the house, it is necessary to do the same thing with your children and dog. You can even make arrangements for your kids and pets to spend the day with their grandparents or friends. This is necessary because during installation there may be tools, nails, and splintered wood lying around, which can hurt them.

Clear space for truck

The fence installers may arrive in a truck filled with tools and fence posts. Have place cleared for unloading the fence and tools as well park the vehicle. In certain neighborhood parking can be very tricky, so plan this in advance.

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