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Do you know how the pipe fittings are necessary for every building? Without the right structure of pipe fitting, you can’t get the water on the building. The pipe connection can be done by pipe fitters else you can Do-it-yourself to surprise the plumber friends.  Are you looking for the best plumber to replace the faulty pumps in the building? Have you known the types of material to choose for the pipe fitting? If no, utilize this article to know more information about the pipe fittings.

When the right time to approach pipe fitting?

Pipe fittings are being as an essential part to connect the ends of pipes with the pipe sections. The pieces of pipe consist of the one female end and one male end to allow the addition of new pipes. The purpose of pipe fitting is listed below.

When the need to extend or terminate the pipe length

To change the directions of the pipes

Time to connect the smaller type of reducers

Need to add pipes to function the special connection pipes

What are the ways to process the connection of the fitting?

Are you looking for the tips to connect the pipe fittings? There are two main ways to connect the pipe they are

  • Threading – metal pipes used to get screw together

Threaded method on pipe fittings

The exterior part of the pipe is named as male thread it gets the screw into the other larger diameter pipe as an internal thread of female pipe end.

The female thread of internal threading is designed to accept the interference of male thread pipe fittings.

  • Slip fitting – plastic pipes use the sleeves into one another to slip.

Male slip and female slips have no thread to allow and get in onto the threads, but both of the pipes get slips into on one another.

Street Fitting – Pipe fittings which have ends of female and male

What are the materials suitable for pipe fitting?

Pipe fittings are made to fix the material of pipe with the correspondence of pipe material. The list of materials on the pipe fitting is listed below.

Copper pipe

It is mainly used on the applications of Hot-and cold water, residential water supply lines, HVAC refrigerator lines. Water pipelines will be in soft condition on the refrigerators, rigid in the condition when to use on heat applications.

PVC pipes

It is the most common type of pipe used on most buildings with a variety of pressure ratings.  There are different sizes are available on the PVC pipe; you can make use of it as per your purpose. Mostly this PVC pipe is used prior to getting the cold applications. The pipe fittings are based on the functioning of threaded type.

CPVC – Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride

It is Similar to the functioning of the PVC pipe prior to work on the entire water applications. Often it replaces the usage of copper pipe fittings to pass the condition of hot-cold water. This pipe gets connected by using the glue connections on thread type.

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