What Is A Blue Roll, A Specially Designed Absorbent Paper Used For?

Published On February 24, 2019 | By Ellina Willson | Home Improvement

Whether you know blue roll as an engineer’s roll, center feed roll, catering roll, or blue paper, it is a practical paper towel and a highly absorbent product suitable for a large variety of commercial, industrial, and domestic uses. From a star kitchen to a small workshop, it is widely used due to its non-abrasive texture that is suitable for various applications such as polishing and cleaning surfaces, hygienic hand-drying, and absorbing grease and oil. It is often called center feed roll because after removing its card center, it may be inserted into dispensers, thus, providing a cost-effective and more accessible manner of using the paper avoiding unnecessary wastages.

It has several key properties that make it a highly useful product across several working environments. Most importantly blue roll, a specially designed absorbent paper is very durable and strong that makes it highly suitable for applications where paper towels fall apart. It can soak up water quickly and can pick up oily fluids and grease very effectively. Moreover, it is supplied in a dry and clean condition that is useful for hygienic cleaning and polishing tasks. It is cost-effective and biodegradable and therefore, eco-friendly and an efficient product for daily use.

Food production environment

Blue paper is well-suited to hospitality and food production environments including domestic and commercial kitchens, cafes, and bars. It has immense strength to absorb liquid spills including sauces, water, and cooking oil thus, making it an essential product in a food preparation department. The blue color does not occur in any food so it is very distinctive and can be spotted easily in the kitchen. This roll is used in food areas for cleaning and drying work surfaces. It is effective to get a streak-free finish that is helpful for glass cabinets, countertops, and displays. Kitchen workers use it to wipe away greasy and fatty remnants to ensure fatty deposits do not go into sinks and block drains.

Cleaning and polishing

Blue paper is highly suitable for many cleaning tasks. A blue roll is a specially designed absorbent paper suitable for several cleaning tasks. Due to its absorbent nature, it can clean liquid spills by industrial and domestic cleaners. As this product is dry, it can be used for cleaning jobs. Apart from drying, it is used to polish windows, mirrors, glass surfaces, stainless steel, and taps. Its durability makes it a useful product for deep cleaning.

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