White Quilt Covers – Guide to Purchasing Quilt Covers

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A quilt cover is the right kind of cover, which is used for putting over the stuffing or the quilting for forming a pillowcase like arrangement. There are various kinds of advantages of using the quilt cover which comprises of a removable fitting cover on the duvet or quilt so that the outer layer may be removed and placed in the dryer. This cannot be done easily with the actual quilts for cleaning them. Thus, the quilt covers are a very good and convenient way of keeping the bed clean.

Generally, people prefer buying the standard white quilt covers for ensuring that degree of cleanliness can be determined easily. The quilt covers are available in various sizes. The buyers need to determine the correct size of the bed. Apart from this, they also need to determine the size of the duvet or the quilt. This would help to purchase the right quilt cover, which would look great on the bed.

One requires having the quilt cover sizes ranging from the kids’ size to the kingsize. Thus, we have plenty of options. Read on further to get important information, which can be used to find as well as purchase the right quilt cover size.

Measurement of the bed size

One of the foremost steps for purchasing the right size of the quilt covers is measuring the bed. There are many methods and different ways of measuring. However, it is the best to trace the correct measurements by simply checking the bed or the manufacturer’s website and getting detailed information.

You should measure the exact size of the mattress and then add a few centimetres to it so that it gets ensured that you can sit comfortably on the bed.

How to use the measuring tape

Many people use the measuring tape for determining the dimensions of the bed for determining the right size for the quilt cover.

For this, one simply has to take the measurement from one side to another and noting down the measurements of the bed including the width and the length. It is generally not a good idea to take the measurement just once. Rather, the dimensions should be double-checked. Otherwise, it may be easy to misread a tape measure and this might lead to a poorly fitting quilt cover.

Standard sizes of the bed

There are various kinds of bed sizes for which one may require the purchasing of the right size of the quilt cover. Using the set standards of size of quilt against the bed measurements, one can make use of a quick method of tracing the right size.

Apart from this, one needs to purchase according to the type of bed. For beds for queen size, the queen size cover is going to fit. In case of extra long beds, the quilt size of 203 centimetres long is required. Moreover, the King size beds are extra long and have a size of 240 centimetres. Even though the King size bed is extra long, it would also help to fit the standard double belt.

How to choose the quilt cover of the right size?

One of the important things to consider for choosing the right size of the quilt cover is one’s preferences. Some people who like to get larger covers while there are others opt for the smaller ones.

Quilt covers on the floor length

Typically, the floor length quilt covers can be got by purchasing one more size of the quilt because the standard size may not always be available. Many times, the sizing of the quilt up by one size may seem to as an easy way out. But, there should be greater room and it is important to be careful on the same to prevent over sizing as well as under sizing. Typically, the quilt should be wider than one-third the original size than the bed.

In case you want to go for oversized quilt covers, you may simply purchase the double for the single, the queen for the double or the king single.

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