Why Choose Double Glazed Windows?

Published On September 19, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Home Improvement

Double glazing North Wales is a wise investment choice for homeowners; it improves the value of your home whilst also increasing its thermal efficiency. Every single building loses heat through the windows, replacing any single glazed windows with double glazing is one of the most efficient ways to reduce heat loss and to improve the overall energy efficiency of the home.

Unfortunately, North Wales double glazing can be seen as a big expense, but with all the associated advantages it can end up saving you a lot of money in the long term. Here are some of the reasons why choosing double glazing is better for your home.

Improve Your Home Value

Getting double glazed windows fitted in your home can add up to 10% into the value of your home – this can also be of benefit to those looking to sell their home. All homes are now sold with an Energy Performance Certificate, and if your home has good energy performance it can sell a lot quicker. However, this does depend on the property in question; in period properties for example, timber double glazed windows are strongly recommended over uPVC since they reflect the original features and are more sought after.

Reducing Heating Costs

In a study conducted by the Energy Saving Trust, it was found that homes could save between £75 and £110 per year with double glazing. Over the lifetime of the windows, that’s a saving that can run into the thousands.

Air is a much worse conductor of heat than glass – a single glass pane (single glazing) conducts heat out of the room and to the outdoors quite effectively, meaning that you are essentially paying to heat the outdoors rather than your home. The layer of air between the two panes of glass in a double glazed window prevents that from happening as much and as quickly.

Updating the windows in your home helps to remove any draughts that are coming in through gaps in your old windows – this can be done without changing your windows completely, but double glazing is strongly recommended for any home.

Increase Home Security

There are two main and simple ways that double glazing improves your home security; the windows themselves are sealed tighter than other windows, so they are harder to force open to gain entry. The second pane of glass also means that the windows are much harder to break, so smashing them is much more difficult for intruders.

Reduce Condensation

Anyone who has lived in a property with single glazed windows will understand the frustration that comes with having to wipe the windows down regularly in winter, or even having to buy a window vacuum. Whilst any property with high humidity will always see some condensation unless the rooms are well ventilated or dehumidified, double glazing can help.

Condensation occurs when warm air touches a particularly cold surface – because the interior pane of glass in a double glazed window is warmer than the single pane in a single glazed window, less condensation occurs. The overall level of moisture in your home might remain the same; but less condensation will happen due to the barrier created by the double glazed windows.

Increase Sound Insulation

Double glazing doesn’t just make your home warmer, it can also make it quieter too. Due to the second barrier with an air gap, it makes it more difficult for sound to travel to the interior of your home. Whilst the difference can be subtle, it can make all the difference to people living on busy main roads or in city centres.


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