Why dormer roofs are popular?

Published On August 6, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home Improvement

Let’s start with the basics, what is a dormer roof?

Defining Dormer Roof

A dormer roof refers to the roofed structure with a window that vertically projects beyond the plane of the pitched roof. Dormer roofs are used to produce more space and to create a window opening in the roof plane. Not just that, there are also lots of more reasons why dormer roofs are making the people scream and strive to get one. Dormer roofs have been popular and continuously aiming for more through the quality and benefit that anyone can gain from using it. Here are the reasons why dormer roofs are so popular.


Dormer roofs are great to be one of the highlights of a house that can elevate not just the appearance but also the relaxing mood in it. A connotation from French of this words is invoking the slumbering idea and states that every home with a dormer roof agrees to have much more peaceful and positive vibes. The view outside, especially the sky also provides more positivity throughout the house.

Increased Space

As one of its main objectives, dormer roofs are a must-have for it increases the space inside the house. Dormer roofs are mainly adapted by lots of houses in the US and European countries for it can be a perfect spot to spend time reading a book or just watching the magnificent view outside. Dormer roofs provide a space where other pieces of stuff can be placed such as a sofa bed or table.


Giving more ventilation to your house will be possible and easy by having a dormer roof. A dormer roof has a window that can be opened in times of ventilation. Letting some air to run inside the house is a great choice, especially when the season is hot or humid. When there are also bad odors lurking inside the house, it can be taken away through opening the dormer roof. It can refresh the air you breathe in, as well as your family. There is no other easy and effective way of doing ventilation inside your house except a dormer roof.


Letting the first radiant of the rising sun inside your house can be a good representation of a good start. Having a dormer roof inside the house can accommodate more gleam and sunshine that you need to start your day. You can achieve a satisfying gleam through adjusting the dormer roof to the way you want it to be. Also, placing some succulents in the dormer roof where gleam is at its highest is a great idea.



Since there’s no window installed in the wall adjacent up to the usable space, you can achieve more space in the room which you can apply it with creativity all by yourself. This is like providing another room in your roof. Headroom- a useful concept, especially for small residential property in north wales can be placed with pieces of furniture in the wall and there is nothing to worry about a blocked window.



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