You Can Convert Over Bonnet Space into Storage Space

Published On May 6, 2019 | By Donnald Peris | Featured

Over bonnet, space storage is a fantastic solution to rampant storage solutions in apartment buildings. When you get into many apartments you find that you have a parking space for your car. Have you ever thought of turning the space above the bonnet of your car into Office Storage & Filing for Rent? If you have never given it thought the let me help you. You can actually convert the space above the bonnet of your car into a perfect storage space. This you can use for storing your office items and other items. Imagine having an office full of files while your parking has some space that can be utilized to create Smart Storage Solution Australia, utilize it and create a space to store what needs to be kept there. This wasted space that idly sits on your car bonnet can give you up to sufficient space of up to 3.2 cubic meters of a storage unit in your basement without interfering with the parking space. These spaces will neither interfere with the parking space and movement of others. It is just a space above your car bonnet that will be utilized and that’s all. Even if everyone with a parking lot in the apartment’s basement created their storage units above their car bonnets, no one would be affected. See how often we waste space without knowing.

You might wonder what could be kept in such a space but trust me everything in the household that you can think of can be stored in such spaces. You can store golf clubs, furniture, BBQs, Christmas trees, electronic appliances, files and other home and office item. When you walk in offices you find that people have been allocating parking spaces but over the bonnet, space is usually idle. This space is a great opportunity in that it can be converted to into Office Storage & Filing for Rent, by just creating storage units over the cars’ bonnets. Since a business complex can have upto 200 0ffices which with a parking lot, then this means we can create over a hundred storage spaces units which can be rented out too. If you did not have that idea, then there are people with such ideas and expertise too who could help convert such space into storage units which can be used for by the offices for storage purposes. Excellent experts are Smart Storage Solution Australia, who has worked hard to install thousands of over bonnet storage spaces in buildings and apartments throughout Australia.

Creating such a number of storage units has proven that the company has extensive experience and works towards meeting the needs of individuals and businesses by providing reliable storage spaces for every car space available. Basement storage is wonderful storage as it offers complete security of your storage box. Who would think of getting into the basement to open storage compartments? Again Office Storage & Filing for Rent are not just made out of the availability of space and necessity; they are approved by builders and architects. They also come with a warranty just in case you doubt efficiency and durability.

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